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Scotland is special. Its birds, habitats, and environmental challenges differ from other parts of the UK. The staff in our Scottish office understand the specific needs here and provide an important point of contact for our volunteers, members, funders and partners.

Scottish mountains. Andy Wilson
Scottish mountains. Andy Wilson
Chris Wernham
A Scottish office helps us to reach out across Scotland and get people involved Chris Wernham, Associate Director Country Offices 

Scotland has remote and dramatic landscapes - it's part of what makes it special. It also has a relatively low human population density. These things combined make it harder to find all of the volunteers that we need for optimum survey coverage. A Scottish office helps us to reach out across Scotland and get people involved.

Our Scottish base is also essential for carrying out research that is appropriate for Scotland, whether through volunteers, professional fieldworkers or with research collaborators - the Scottish Government, NatureScot and other organisations look to us for relevant evidence to support their needs.

The BTO Scotland team also carry out another important role - their deep Scottish knowledge is fed back to BTO's headquarters to ensure that UK-wide monitoring schemes, surveys and research projects are relevant to Scotland.

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BTO Scotland is located at: Unit 15, Beta Centre, Stirling University Innovation Park, FK9 4NF.

Tel: 01786 458021 / Email: scot.info [at] bto.org

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