BTO Contacts in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland team is led by Shane, whose role is to develop the presence of the BTO in Northern Ireland, and particularly to assist the voluntary representatives to find enough volunteers, with the necessary skills, to undertake the key bird monitoring surveys in the province.

Team Members

Katherine Booth-Jones

Science Officer for Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Officer

shane.wolsey [at]

Regional Representatives (RRs) in Northern Ireland

There is an RR role for each county in Northern Ireland.  The RRs are charged with finding volunteers within their county, and then liaising with them about each of the surveys that needs to be undertaken.  They support volunteers and BTO members by answering queries, giving talks and encouraging participation.

Currently Fermanagh and Tyrone are looked after by the same RR, but we would like to find another RR for Tyrone.  Our RR for Co Londonderry retired recently and so we are looking for a suitable replacement there as well.

BBS Regional Organisers (BBS ROs)

In two Northern Ireland counties there are Regional Organisers who support volunteers taking part in the Breeding Bird Survey. In other counties the RR deals with BBS.

  • Antrim - Ruth Wilson (ruth.wilson [at]
  • Down - Alastair McIlwain (ali [at]

Heronries Survey

The organisation of the heronries Survey throughout Northern Ireland is looked after just one person, John Lyons (johnwlyons [at]

Garden BirdWatch (GBW)

'the promotion of GBW throughout Northern Ireland is looked after by our GBW Ambassador, Pat Flowerday (pflowerday [at]