Garden BirdWatch (GBW)

Garden BirdWatch monitors the changing fortunes of birds and other garden wildlife through its network of 'citizen scientists'. Observations collected by BTO Garden BirdWatchers are analysed by BTO researchers and published in leading journals. BTO Garden BirdWatchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow, the rise of the Woodpigeon, have discovered that urban birds get up later than their rural counterparts and have alerted conservationists to the impact of an emerging disease in Greenfinches. Find out more about Garden BirdWatch.


Latest GBW News

Bird Table 85 cover

Bird Table questionnaire prize draw winner

We are pleased to announce that Dr Cowley has won the prize draw from the recent questionnaire looking at the Garden BirdWatch magazine Bird Table. Thank you to everyone who has filled the questionnaire in so far. If you are a Garden BirdWatcher, and haven't taken part yet, there is still plenty of time to do so.

Blackbird - John Harding

Poor weather hit garden birds in 2015

The Garden BirdWatch 2015 annual results are out and show an interesting story for some of our more common garden birds, with Blue Tit, Great Tit and Blackbird numbers all well below average during the second half of 2015. It is thought that these results were due to a poor breeding season, which was caused by cold, wet weather in the spring, resulting in fewer juvenile birds. Explore the year in more detail by viewing the results for individual species.

What are Goldfinches feeding on in your garden?

The Goldfinch Feeding Survey is now closed so thank you to everyone who took part. If you did participate and have not yet entered your data, please do so before March 31. Through the survey, we aim to understand why Goldfinches are becoming increasingly common in gardens, and how important the food we put out or the plants we grow are. So far it seems that sunflower hearts are more tempting than nyger seed, but is that really the case?