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11 Dec 2014
Patchwork Challenge logo

Regularly birding a local patch is one of the core activities on which BirdTrack is based. Over the last 2 years, the Patchwork Challenge has engendered friendly competition among avid 'patch-watchers' and inspired more people to focus on a nearby patch.

This year, PWC participants have been encouraged to add value to their day-to-day observations by logging them in BirdTrack, through the addition of monthly comparisons of the number of Complete Lists and total number of records submitted.

Generous sponsorship support for PWC has also raised money for BTO work on Cuckoos and House Martins, linked to the total number of species recorded by everyone involved, so why not give it a try in 2015?

Migrant numbers down in 2014

6 Dec 2014
Blackcap reporting rate

Migrant numbers were down in 2014 but it was a generally good breeding season for songbirds: these are two messages coming out of the preliminary report on the 2014 breeding season in Britain and Ireland. The report was compiled using data from the Nest Record Scheme and Constant Effort Sites ringing scheme.

BirdTrack figures show that after a noticeably late arrival in 2013, short-distance migrants Blackcap and Chiffchaff returned on more typical dates this year (if anything, slightly earlier than the historical average). Many species nested early in 2014; these two warblers, for example, both laid their first clutches earlier than in any year since 1966!

There was good news for Barn Owls, with many reports of a bumper breeding season.