Taking part

Taking part in BirdTrack is easy and fun. There are a series of simple forms for you to fill in which will give us information about you, the sites where you go birdwatching, the time you go birdwatching and most importantly the birds you see! BirdTrack will use the proportion of the birdwatching lists that include each species to measure the progress of migration and to map the distribution of particular species. All we need is a list of the species that you saw during a birdwatching visit to a particular site (even your garden). Any counts that you would like to contribute will help us to build up a more complete picture of movements, migrations and distributions. You can also use BirdTrack to store all of your birdwatching records in an easily accessible and safe format.

To participate in BirdTrack you need to do the following:

Bird watcher 

In addition to species lists based on standard site visits we also welcome casual records. We hope that you will have great fun participating in BirdTrack and that you will return to the website frequently to enter more data and to find out what's happening in your area and around the country. All these results will be updated every night throughout the year. In addition to viewing national and regional summaries you will be able to view all of your own information and to compare it with the regional figures.

We recommend that you read through the instruction pages in order to gain a clear overview of what the project is about.

Although BirdTrack is not a structured survey, the BTO's health and safety information for volunteer fieldworkers contains relevant advice.

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