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Location of BTO satellite-tagged Cuckoos on 29 April 2016

Too cold for our Cuckoos?

Our satellite-tagged Cuckoos have been faring well during their spring migration this year with all seven which arrived at their wintering grounds managing to make it as far as Europe. Norfolk Cuckoo Stanley and Yorkshire Cuckoo Peckham are back at their breeding grounds. The recent cold spell may just have been too much for Yorkshire Cuckoo Vigilamus however, who faced heavy snow showers on his arrival on the north York moors. Find out more on our Cuckoo tracking pages

Brambling, photograph by Jill Pakenham

Across continents, birds respond to changing climate

New research involving the BTO shows how bird populations are consistently responding to the effects of climate change on two continents. The study, led by the University of Durham, analysed data on abundance collected between 1980 and 2010 from 145 common species in Europe, and 380 in North America. UK data includes records collected by volunteers taking part in the Breeding Bird Survey and its predecessor the Common Birds Census, both coordinated by the BTO.

Guests of Summer book front cover

New House Martin book

'Guests of Summer' provides a fascinating insight into the lives of one of our most enigmatic and enchanting birds - the House Martin. Intrigued by the House Martins that nest on his house, Theunis Piersma started to examine their lives. Piersma weaves a tapestry that connects Anglo-Saxon migrations, Shakespeare's writings, political upheavel in the Congo, climate change, and much more. Order 'Guests of Summer' now from BTO.
Springwatch Do Something Great

Springwatch Do Something Great

This spring the BTO has joined the BBC's to Do Something Great campaign to get volunteers out and about, helping nature in as many different ways as possible. Our range of volunteer surveys really do offer something for everyone who wants to Do Something Great!