Wintering Thrushes Appeal

This appeal is now finished but you can still take part in the survey this winter.

Fieldfare by Jill Pakenham

We know how and when the five thrush species, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare and Redwing, make use of our gardens, especially when winter weather makes it hard to find food elsewhere. But, what about in Britain's wider countryside? And how could changes to our landscapes and weather patterns be affecting thrushes and their food supply?

The British countryside seems to be a haven for thrushes from as far afield as Iceland and Russia during the colder months, but there are some interesting questions, concerning both resident and migrant thrushes, cropping up which our scientists wish to investigate.

Your input is vital

The second year of the Winter Thrushes Survey is now underway - it will hopefully help us understand a lot more about how thrushes use our counrtyside. Find out about the species we are studying, the habitats they use and the types of food that sustain them - and take part!