European Cuckoo study

BTO is part of an exciting European collaboration with the Landesbund für Vogelschutz (LBV) and and BirdLife Belarus (APB) to understand more about the continent-wide movements of the Cuckoo. 

With financial support from the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), BTO, together with LBV and APB caught and tagged 14 Cuckoos (9 in Germanty and 5 in Belarus). Chris Hewson flew out to help catch and tag Cuckoos near to the city of Regensburg in Bavaria and Phil Atkinson visited APB in Belarus with LBV and RSPB. During these visits, Friederike Herzog was trained to fit tags safely as part of her PhD studies on the ecology and migration of Cuckoos.

In 2014 we received funding from The Sound Approach and suported the APB's Bird of the Year campaign in Belarus by fitting 10 satellite tags to Belarusian cuckoos. Their movements can be seen here and, together the UK and German birds, we can follow all these birds on their migratory journeys. The summary map below shows birds from all three countries. Many more details on each bird's journey (including their own blogs) can be found on each organisation's website - please visit the BTO, LBV or APB websites.

In the map below, the UK Cuckoo tracks are marked with circles and the German/Belarus tracks are marked with a forward arrow on the line. 

Latest positions of the Cuckoos from the three countries 



Thanks to Movebank for the mapping script.