Tracking Cuckoos to Africa... and back again

We’ve lost over half the number of Cuckoos in the UK over the last 20 years.

Since 2011 we’ve been satellite-tracking Cuckoos to find out why. We’ve learnt lots of vital information which will to help save our Cuckoos but, there is still more to discover.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support from funders and sponsors. Read more about the project and find out how you can get involved

The Cuckoo class of 2015 have been named by schools through a competition run in partnership with EDF Energy and are listed below (Cuckoo icons with brown borders).



Cuckoo movements from 01 May 2015 to 06 February 2016

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Latest News

Vigilamus now most northerly Cuckoo - 20 Jan 2016

A location received from Vigilamus during the evening of 16 January showed that he had moved 600km (372 miles) north and west of his location in DRC. He is now in the north-west corner of Congo and close to the border with Gabon, so currently our most northerly Cuckoo. He is also our only Cuckoo that is currently north of the Equator and therefore in the northern hemisphere.

No movement from Peckham - 20 Jan 2016

We last heard from Peckham on 13 January. The location recieved showed that he was still in the area of Gabon in which he has spent most of the winter. Hopefully we will get an update from him soon.

Larry back in DRC - 20 Jan 2016

Having spent the last two months in Angola, Larry is now back in DRC, moving 639km (397 miles) north-east. He is currently 80km (50 miles) east of the border with Congo.