Tracking Cuckoos to Africa... and back again

The 'Red Listed' Cuckoo is one of the UK's fastest declining migrants and, until recently, was one of which we knew least about once it left the UK. 

In 2011 we attached satellite-tracking devices to Cuckoos from Norfolk to find out more about their important stop-over sites and wintering destinations on the way to and from Africa. Since then we have been able to expand the project thanks to support from funders and sponsors. Read more about the project and find out what we have learnt so far.

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Cuckoo movements from 01 May 2013 to 17 April 2014

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Latest News

Silence again from Tor - 17 Apr 2014

Tor has once again gone silent. The last signal received was on 12 March, just after he moved north to Central African Republic. Before that there was a silence of 3 months. It could be that the tag is not transmitting properly so we will have to wait and see whether he receive any further locations in the future. 

Patch in Senegal - 17 Apr 2014

Patch is also on the move and embarking on his desert crossing, with the most recent signals revealing he has made it to eastern Senegal. David is also in Senegal but is much further west than Patch, and they are both much further west than any of the other Cuckoos. 

David heads to Dakar - 17 Apr 2014

David has headed 650km (410 miles) north-west and is now close to Dakar in Western Senegal.  Last year he embarked on his desert crossing from his location on the border of Guinea/Sierra-Leone but, despite having headed to the same spot on the border again this year, he has instead travelled west rather than north. On 15 April last year he was crossing the desert and was over Mauritania so he seems a little delayed this year. It will be interesting to see where he heads to next.

If David does cross the desert from his current location, he will be over 1780km (1100 miles) further west than the point at which BB made his desert crossing from! 

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