Tracking Cuckoos to Africa... and back again

We’ve lost over half the number of Cuckoos in the UK over the last 20 years.

Since 2011 we’ve been satellite-tracking Cuckoos to find out why. We’ve learnt lots of vital information which will to help save our Cuckoos but, there is still more to discover.

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Cuckoo movements from 01 May 2014 to 26 January 2015

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Latest News

David moves to Lake Mai - 23 Jan 2015

On the 23 January we received transmissions from David's tag showing he had moved 200km (125 miles) north to Lake Mai, an area recently vacated by Emsworthy, who has travelled further north.  

Sherwood Cuckoos move west - 21 Jan 2015

Fred and Jake, two of our Cuckoos tagged in Sherwood Forest, have moved westwards and are now in Congo. Fred recently left the Mbandaka area and has moved about 270km (165 miles) west from his previous location in Democratic Republic of Congo, while Jake, who is about 70km (45 miles) further south, travelled a shorter distance of 155km (95 miles). 

Interestingly, Derek who is slightly further north, had been moving east, the opposite direction to Jake and Fred, until recently but he has backtracked around 65km (40 miles). Emsworthy has also moved, but northwards to the area not long vacated by Fred. These movements may indicate changing conditions which are encouraging the Cuckoos to seek more favourable areas. 

Emsworthy and Whortle on the move - 21 Jan 2015

Emsworthy and Whortle, who had both been south of Lake Mai, have moved off to new locations. Emsworthy has travelled 280km (175 miles) north and is now close to Mbandaka while Whortle has headed  370km (230 miles) in a north-easterly direction and become the most easterly Cuckoo of all those that we are currently following. This could be due to a change in the conditions in the area which has caused them to seek new locations.   


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