National Nest Box Week


We’re asking you to put up a nest box in your local area to help increase the number of suitable nesting spaces for birds.

Blue tit in a nestbox. Photograph by Christine Matthews.

Blue tit in a nest box.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part whether you’re a family with space for a box in your garden, a teacher, a member of a local wildlife group, or you belong to a bird club. 


We’re asking you to put your nest box up from 14 to 21 February to celebrate National Nest Box Week (NNBW). But, you can put up a nest box at any time of the year.

Why take part?

Natural nest sites for birds such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast as gardens are ‘tidied’ and old houses are repaired.

Taking part in NNBW gives you the chance to contribute to bird conservation whilst giving you the pleasure of observing any breeding birds that you attract to your nest box.

How to take part

  1. Register for your free NNBW information pack
  2. Make a nest box or buy a nest box
  3. Put up your nest box
  4. Monitor your nest box and tell us what you saw

NNBW would not be possible without the support from Jacobi Jayne & Co., Britain’s nest box specialists, who created the idea together with the late Chris Mead of the BTO. For further information about how National Nest Box Week operates, and for permission to use the National Nest Box Week logo, please contact jeff [dot] baker [at] bto [dot] org