Wildfowl and Wader Counts

The Wetland Bird Survey 2000-01: Wildfowl and Wader Counts

Mark Pollitt, Colette Hall, Steve Holloway, Richard Hearn, Paul Marshall, Andy Musgrove, James Robins and Peter Cranswick

Section 1 (PDF, 1.51 MB)
Pages 1 to 31
Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, National Goose Census, Errata to 1999-2000 Report, Contents, Summary, Introduction, WeBS Core Counts, Survey methods, Analysis, Presentation and notation, Interpretation of waterbird counts, Coverage, Total numbers
Section 2 (PDF, 1.60 MB)
Pages 32 to 68
Species Accounts: Red-throated Diver to Egyptian Goose
Section 3 (PDF, 1.92 MB)
Pages 69 to 105
Species Accounts: Ruddy Shelduck to Coot
Section 4 (PDF, 1.67 MB)
Pages 106 to 145
Species Accounts: Crane to Kingfisher
Section 5 (PDF, 107.68 KB)
Pages 146 to 150
Principal Sites
Section 6 (PDF, 3.84 MB)
Pages 151 to 171
WeBS Low Tide Counts, Aims, Methods, Data presentation, Estuary accounts, Acknowledgements, Low Tide Site Accounts: Belfast Lough to Stour Estuary
Section 7 (PDF, 161.39 KB)
Pages 172 to 176
References, Glossary
Section 8 (PDF, 100.20 KB)
Pages 177 to 180
Appendix 1. International Designations, Appendix 2. International and National Importance
Section 9 (PDF, 182.34 KB)
Pages 181 to 185
Appendix 3. Analysis
Section 10 (PDF, 414.72 KB)
Pages 185 to 201
Appendix 4. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in England; Appendix 5. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in Scotland; Appendix 6. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in Wales; Appendix 7. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in the Channel Islands; Appendix 8. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded at Coastal Sites; Appendix 9. Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded at Inland Sites;
Section 11 (PDF, 303.04 KB)
Pages 202 to 210
Appendix 10. Locations of WeBS Count Sites Mentioned in This Report