WITUK 2009/10

Waterbirds in the UK 2009/10


Waterbirds in the UK 2009/10
The Wetland Bird Survey

Chas Holt, Graham Austin, Neil Calbrade,
Heidi Mellan, Carl Mitchell, David Stroud,
Simon Wotton & Andy Musgrove

Section 1 (PDF, 377.10 KB)

Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, Goose and Swan Census, Other National Waterbird Surveys, Errata to 2008/09 Report, Contents, Summary, Introduction.
Section 2 (PDF, 597.66 KB)

Total Numbers.
Section 3 (PDF, 2.80 MB)

Species Accounts: Fulvous Whistling Duck to Canada Goose.
Section 4 (PDF, 1.87 MB)

Species Accounts: Lesser Canada Goose to Mandarin.
Section 5 (PDF, 1.89 MB)

Species Accounts: Wigeon to Common Scoter.
Section 6 (PDF, 1.80 MB)

Species Accounts: Surf Scoter to Bittern.
Section 7 (PDF, 1.83 MB)

Species Accounts: Night Heron to Oriental Pratincole.
Section 8 (PDF, 2.25 MB)

Species Accounts: Little Ringed Plover to Spotted Redshank.
Section 9 (PDF, 2.68 MB)

Species Accounts: Greenshank to Kingfisher.
Section 10 (PDF, 83.52 KB)

Principal Sites.
Section 11 (PDF, 2.47 MB)

WeBS Low Tide Counts, Acknowledgements.
Section 12 (PDF, 216.57 KB)

References, Glossary, Appendices.
I-WeBS Totals for 2009/10 (PDF, 11.46 KB)