WITUK 2006/07

Waterbirds in the UK 2006/07
The Wetland Bird Survey

Graham Austin, Mark Collier, Neil Calbrade, Colette Hall and Andy Musgrove


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Section 1 (PDF, 440.46 KB)

Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, Goose and Swan Monitoring Programme, Other National Waterbird Surveys, Errata to 2005/06 Report, Contents, Summary, Introduction, Waterbirds in the UK.

Section 2 (PDF, 197.35 KB)

Total numbers

Section 3 (PDF, 1.91 MB)

Species accounts: Fulvous Whistling Duck to Egyptian Goose

Section 4 (PDF, 2.36 MB)

Species accounts: Ruddy Shelduck to Marbled Duck

Section 5 (PDF, 2.38 MB)

Species accounts: Ringed Teal to Lake Duck

Section 6 (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Species accounts: Red-throated Diver to Coot

Section 7 (PDF, 2.13 MB)

Species accounts: Oystercatcher to Knot

Section 8 (PDF, 2.42 MB)

Species accounts: Sanderling to Grey Phalarope

Section 9 (PDF, 720.05 KB)

Species accounts: Kittiwake to Kingfisher

Section 10 (PDF, 64.62 KB)

Principal Sites

Section 11 (PDF, 875.94 KB)

WeBS Low Tide Counts

Section 12 (PDF, 217.99 KB)

References, Glossary, and Appendices 1 & 2 


Page 151: Peak number of Common Gull at Bewl Water should have read 75,500 February.

Page 186: Tees Estuary. Thanks to Northumbrian Water Ltd. for allowing the Low Tide Counts to be used by WeBS.