WeBS has launched a new leaflet, ‘Make your day out count’, aimed at encouraging casual one-off counts of small, out of the way sites.

Make your day out count leaflet

Most of the larger estuaries, reservoirs and lakes in the UK do get counted regularly, but it is the small lochans and pools that get neglected. Many of these sites may hold species such as Mallards, Little Grebes and Moorhens, and also species such as Goosander often favour rivers, which are not well monitored by WeBS and so may go unrecorded. In order to effectively monitor these species, we need to have a better idea of how abundant they are at small wetland sites throughout the wider countryside. This information will then also assist in deriving sensible national population estimates.
Anyone who enjoys the countryside and visits one of these small sites, whether it is a walker in the hills or a family outing to a park lake, could make a big difference by recording the birds they see there.
If you or your friends go on holiday and walk round a small lake, lochan, canal, stream or river, and could spare a few minutes to note any birds you see, even if there are no birds at all, we would like to hear from you.

We aim to distribute these to be displayed in B&B’s and tourist information offices where bird watchers, walkers and day-trippers may pick them up. If you would like copies of this leaflet or know of a suitable place where they could be distributed, please webs [at] bto.org (get in touch). Alternatively, you can download a copy of the .