Resources for data collection

The following is a selection of downloadable PDFs that contain useful information. Some are intended to aid with the collection of biometric data, such as moult codes and brood patch scores, whilst others are intended as reference materials to help in the field. Further information about what additional biometric information we recommend taking can be found on the Additional biometrics page.

General information

Biometric data

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Age codes (PDF, 10.32 KB)
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Moult scoring (PDF, 65.45 KB)
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Moult coding - age 2 (PDF, 11.16 KB)
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Moult coding - age 3 (PDF, 12.48 KB)
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Moult coding - age 4-6 (PDF, 11.95 KB)
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Sedge Warbler (PDF, 11.61 KB)
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Brood patch codes and photos (PDF, 559.43 KB)
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Brood patches (PDF, 161.12 KB)
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Fat scores (PDF, 314.19 KB)
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Pectoral muscle score (PDF, 475.77 KB)
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Species information

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Ageing and sexing Grey Partridges