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The list below highlights other current surveys that you may participate in.

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House Martin Survey

Time commitment & skill level

The House Martin survey has collected  information on population size, breeding ecology and habitat preferences, so we can begin to tackle some key questions about this eagerly awaited summer visitor.

In 2017 the Nest Monitoring Study will involve volunteers making regular observations at individual nests.

Find out more about the House Martin Survey.

Skill level & time commitment iconsAnyone who can recognise House Martin colonies on buildings may take part - as long as there is a square available witih reach.

The 2017 Nest Study requires participants to commit to visiting their site regularly (e.g. once a week, with an occassional break being acceptable), throughout the breeding season (i.e. until mid-September).

Fulmar Study

Time commitment & skill level

The Fulmar Study aims to analyse bits of plastic that have been ingested by Fulmars. This species is a good indicator species of the health of our seas. The project so far has shown that 95% of North Sea Fulmars have some plastic in their stomachs.

Find out more about the Fulmar Study.

Skill level & time commitment icons Anyone who can recognise a Fulmar and finds one dead is able to take part.

Garden Bird Feeding Survey

Time commitment & skill level

The Garden Bird Feeding Survey (GBFS) runs during the winter months and records birds using food or water provided for them in gardens. GBFS participants are recruited from the larger year-round BTO Garden BirdWatch survey. The GBFS has monitored birds in gardens for over 40 years.

Find out more about the Garden Bird Feeding Survey.

Skill level & time commitment iconsAnyone who can identify and record garden birds can take part but participation is limited to members of the BTO Garden
BirdWatch survey.

Weekly from Oct-Mar inclusive. Participants can choose the length of their weekly observation periods.

Nest Box Challenge

Time commitment & skill level

Nest Box Challenge gives you the opportunity to help us learn more about nesting birds in the UK. Anyone with access to a nest box can take part. All you need to do is register the nest box(es) in your garden or local area and record what's inside at regular intervals during the breeding season.Find out more about Nest Box Challenge.

Skill level & time commitment iconsAnyone with access to a nest box can take part.

Check nest boxes once every 4-5 days while birds are nesting.

Reporting a ringed bird

Time commitment & skill level

Using lightweight, individually numbered rings we are able to follow a bird's movements and calculate changes in their chances of survival over time. We are still discovering new facts about migration but the current focus is on monitoring bird populations and understanding why their numbers are changing. Please contribute to these studies by reporting any ringed birds you find using the online reporting form. We will reply with details of when and where 'your' bird was ringed. Find out more about reporting a ringed bird.

Skill level & time commitment iconsAnyone who finds a ringed bird can participate in this survey.

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