House Martin Count Survey 2015

House Martin. Photograph by Dave Hutton

This survey involved volunteers visiting ‘random’ (i.e. pre-selected) 1-km squares throughout the UK in order to record the occupied nests of House Martins.

By surveying random squares, we were able to assume that our results were representative across a wider area, and we will produce a robust population estimate against which changes in the future can be measured.

Survey coverage

Thank you to those of you who took part in the 2015 survey. Volunteers carried out at least one visit to 2,932 squares within the UK. Online data input has now closed, though the online system is still available to enable survey participants to view their results.

Analysing the data

The survey square with most colonies was in the Scottish borders (62 colonies) and the square with most nests was in Hampshire (130 nests).

In some areas, House Martin colonies are sparsely scattered, and many volunteers reported empty squares. Although we appreciate that this can be disappointing for surveyors, these results are just as important for our analysis as the squares with House Martins.

The main aim of the 2015 survey was to produce a population estimate which can act as a baseline for future surveys. We are currently in the process of analysing your results in more detail to produce this estimate. Further details will be published once this work has been completed.

Further information

More detailed instructions and other downloads are available on our resources page for the 2015 survey.