House Martin Nest Study 2016-2017

This survey involves volunteers making regular observations at individual nests to collect information about nesting activity.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey in 2016 and to those who are taking part in 2017. House Martins are still feeding second broods in many areas.‚Äč If you are taking part this year please continue making survey visits until you are certain your birds have all gone (occasionally nests may still be occupied in late September or, exceptionally, in early October).

Can I take part in the 2017 survey?

The nest study involves collecting records of activity throughout the breeding season, so it is now too late to join the survey.

The registration pages are still open, so, if you've already been taking part using paper recording forms or a notebook, you can still register in order to submit your results online.

What does the survey involve?

Survey participants were asked to carry out an initial visit to record some simple information about the site and any existing nests. After this initial visit, they have been observing the nests for just a few minutes approximately once a week to record any activity seen.

A small number of participants have been watching their nests more frequently, which will provide us with even more powerful information as we will be able to make more accurate estimates of the timing of breeding and the length of time before young birds fledge. Detailed survey instructions are available from the Forms and Resources page.

How to register for the survey

If you took part in the Nest Study in 2016, you do not need to re-register and you will be able to log-in using your BTO user name and password. Otherwise, you will need to complete a few simple steps to register for the 2017 study.