Garden Birds & Wildlife

Garden Birds and Wildlife cover

Garden Birds and Wildlife sets out to provide the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the wildlife that visits their garden. It allows you to gain an informed insight into the lives, trials and tribulations of the nation's most familiar species.

Although this book's role is not that of a field guide, the basics of garden bird identification have been catered for too, and recognition of common garden plants and animals has also been covered.

The hardback edition is now out of print but we have an exclusive BTO Garden BirdWatch edition available as a paperback. This edition is given free to all new joiners of the BTO Garden BirdWatch. The book has been very well received and sets an important benchmark in terms of the quality of information presented within its pages.

example page

The first of two pages on the Robin

Up-to-date facts and figures are provided for each species in the form of the BTO Birdfacts Bar. These include information on lifespan, nesting behaviour and food, amongst others. 

Stunning colour photographs illustrate a wide range of plumages, poses and behaviours.

Lavish illustrations, created by some of Britain and Ireland's finest bird artists, portray interesting behaviour and other plumages. 

Some aspects of behaviour are more significant than others and subjects of particular interest are identified and highlighted in special feature boxes. 

example page  

The second page for Robin

Garden Birds and Wildlife (by Mike Toms and Paul Sterry).

The exclusive BTO Garden BirdWatch edition is available free when you first join the BTO Garden BirdWatch (£17.00 annual membership subscription).