Simon Tucker, Martin Hambidge, Martin Savage and Christine Johnson
Simon Tucker 01793 772997 simont50@hotmail.com
Martin Hambidge hambo@live.co.uk
Christine Johnson chrismajo@btinternet.com

Help needed!

If you can help distribute BTO Garden BirdWatch guides and leaflets then please get in touch!

Selected previous activities

- Video: Nov 2013, Bowles's Mauve - great flowering plant for bees, butterflies and moths
- Event: April 2012, MS Life
- Talk: Oct 2011, Whaley Bridge Allotment & Gardeners society
- Talk: Oct 2011, Rainbow Parish Church Mothers Union
- Article: Nov 2010, on disease in Greenfinches
- Event: Nov 2010, North West Bird Fair (Martin Mere)
- Talk: Nov 2010, Parbold Wildlife Group
- Talk: Sept 2010, Littlewoods Pensioners (Crosby)
- Talk: May 2010, Pensychnant conservation centre and nature reserve
- Talk: May 2010, Hale Ornithology Group
- Talk: April 2010, Allerton Organic Gardeners Society