How to register

To ensure the integrity of the BirdTrack data it is important that we should know who our observers are and that we should be able to contact them if we have any queries about their records. We will also use email to circulate any important announcements or information about BirdTrack.

To take part in Bird Track you will therefore need to register. This involves entering your name, address and e-mail address. When you register, you will need to choose a password. You only need to register ONCE.

If you do not already have a BTO user name and password register for BirdTrack here.

If you have already contributed to any online surveys organised by the BTO (e.g. Bird Atlas 2007–11, Breeding Bird Survey) click here to register. If you are already registered with BTO online surveys you will be asked to complete a reduced version of the registration form when you join BirdTrack. Please use the same username and password for BirdTrack. Click here for a password reminder.

Advice on how to obtain a free email address

Advice on choosing a user name and password

You will probably want to select the option that allows you to be identified automatically each time you return to the BirdTrack website. This option places a small file (called a cookie) on your computer that allows the BirdTrack website to identify you automatically if you return to it from the same PC. If you prefer not to use this system then you will need to use your user id and password to login each time you return to the BirdTrack website to enter data or to view your own results. You do not need to login if you just want to view the national or regional results that are updated each day.

Whichever login method you choose we strongly recommend that you keep a written record of your user id and password in a safe place. Please write down your password in a way that is not obvious or accessible. We want to be sure that your records do come from you so please don't share your user id and password with others. There will be a few common sense exceptions to this rule, for example where a family enter their records under a single user id. Your registration and user id will apply to BirdTrack and to other online projects organised by the BTO that you participate in now or choose to join in the future.

During the registration process we ask your permission for us to forward your bird records and personal details to relevant local bird recorders. We hope you will agree to this so that your records can also contribute to ornithology and conservation at a local level. You will also be asked some simple questions about membership of the BirdTrack partner organisations and about receiving communications from them.

In order to register for BirdTrack you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions for the use of the BTO website and to the BTO's privacy statement that explains how we safeguard your personal data. We also ask you to agree to receive email communications about BTO surveys. Once you have reviewed the relevant statements, and are happy with them, simply check the box at the bottom of the registration form.

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