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BBS Report 2015

BBS annual reports

The BBS started in 1994, and a report is produced every year containing population changes and other results from the scheme. Annual reports for every year back to 1994 can be viewed and downloaded.

BBS trends graphs

BBS population trends

Bird population trends are published annually, and results from the most recent year are shown here.

Trend tables
Trend graphs

Combined results from a number of BTO schemes, including joint CBC/BBS trends, can be found in the BirdTrends Report.  Trends published in previous years can be found by downloading the relevant annual report from the BBS publications page.

Population density and trends

Maps of population density and trends

Maps showing both bird density estimates and population change for 49 common bird species, modelled using BBS data.

Regional lists

Country, region and county species summaries

Annual numbers of species recorded, and number of BBS squares per species, by country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), by English Region, and by county. These lists are updated annually.

Number of BBS submissions

Number of visit submissions to BBS

Graphs of square survey dates, and, number of squares surveyed by year. These figures are updated every day.

BBS coverage maps

BBS coverage maps

Maps of where BBS squares have been covered in every year since 1994.

Species distribution maps

Species distribution maps

Choose a species, and view an animated sequence of maps showing where the species has been recorded on BBS squares in every year since 1994.

Rabbit by John Harding

Mammal monitoring

The latest mammal population trends produced using BBS data, and counts of mammals recorded on BBS squares in the most recent year.