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Birds of Italy (cover)

Publisher: Edizioni Belvedere, Latina

Publication Year: 2019

Binding: Hardback

Page Count: 511

ISBN Number: 9788889504604

Price: £ 85.00

The Birds of Italy, Volume 1: Anatidae – Alcidae

This book covers all species belonging to the families Anatidae to Alcidae that are or have been present in Italy since the early 1800s. For each breeding species, a vast amount of information is provided on its distribution (with good-quality black and white maps), habitat, population estimates, density, trend and breeding details (phenology and breeding success) within Italy. Movements within and outside the country, where applicable, are covered and illustrated with clear maps. Wintering distribution of non-breeding species is also included, together with the phenology and number of records of vagrants in Italy.

The authors have used a wide range of sources to compile these comprehensive accounts. In addition to these, the book provides a brief but useful background on Italian geography, climate and vegetation to allow the reader to put the distribution and movement maps into context. The text is written in English and species’ scientific names are accompanied by their English and Italian counterparts. The Appendices provide further useful information in the form of a list of introduced or escaped non-established species, a list of the current conservation status of breeding species of conservation concern, and, finally, reports of the Italian rarities Committee. A brief history of ornithology in Italy provides an interesting framework to the accounts, whilst the high-quality colour photos of Italy’s natural landscapes and bird species add to the value of the book.

This book would appeal to those interested in a high-quality text that covers the distribution, trends and movements of birds found in Italy.

Book reviewed by Daria Dadam

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