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Publisher: Wild Poland Site Guides,

Publication Year: 2012

Binding: Softback

Page Count: 213

ISBN Number: 978-8-3928-7572-7

Price: £ 39.90

Bialowieza Site Guide: Where to watch birds and large mammals of the Bialowieza Forest

A very detailed and richly illustrated guide book to this last remaining remnant of the primeval forest that once covered Europe. 59 sites are presented, with excellent maps and hints on where to look for the target species – many such as owls and woodpeckers are unlikely to be happened upon without this kind of information. Bison, wolves and lynx and the other large mammals are not forgotten either. The authors obviously really know their stuff and the guide almost tells you what tree to look in at a couple of points! Each site is given a likely time spent, distance walked and even the best time of day to visit throughout the seasons. My only slight gripe would be the price, although the publication is available to download as a colour pdf from the website slightly more cheaply.


Book reviewed by Su Gough

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