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Gannet diving gives Iolo Williams goosebumps

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Behind every data point collected by BTO volunteers is a story. This creates our legacy of knowledge. Your eyes are our window to how birds are faring. Share with us the birding moments that gave you goosebumps.

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A legacy of knowledge has been built on your sightings and observations

By harnessing the power of over 60,000 volunteers across the UK through 'citizen science', we are now the guardians of some of the most extensive and long-running datasets about birds anywhere in the world. Our scientific work converts this volunteer-gathered data into popular and peer-reviewed publications that provide the foundations of effective conservation action.

It is this crucial information that is our legacy to conservation. A gift in your Will would ensure this legacy of knowledge continues to underpin conservation action for generations to come.

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  • "Last month there was a photo of a bunch of Hawfinches in BBC Wildlife Magazine. Hawfinch is on my garden list, as a fly-over, and in a remarkable coincidence whilst mooching with the pooches I heard a couple passing high over the bare oaks. About an hour later we got back, looked out of the kitchen window and there was a Hawfinch sat on my fence. It was unbelievable, I watched it for about thirty seconds, had a cracking view and then it flew off towards the woods. I almost felt the need to return to the magazine to check I hadn’t dreamt the whole thing."

    Chris Packham, BTO President

  • Iolo Williams

    "Four years ago, I had the opportunity to film diving gannets from beneath the surface - one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Wings swept back, they hit the water at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour like dazzling white arrows. Three metres below the waves, I could feel each impact as dozens of gannets dived all around me in pursuit of mackerel. Nothing will beat the hour I spent diving with gannets off Bass Rock."

    Iolo Williams

  • Martin Hughes-Games

    During a family holiday on the Welsh side of the Severn Estuary I noticed a small gleaming black ball amongst the dense layer of autumn leaves covering the forest floor. It was very odd, like a super shiny elderberry just lying on the leaves. I walked over and put out my hand to pick it up. To my immense surprise the leaves suddenly and magically resolved themselves into a beautiful woodcock, which flew off. The shiny “berry” had been the woodcock’s eye watching my every move. It had been totally invisible amongst the leaves until it moved, even from a couple of feet away! I have always felt the woodcock is a bird of magic, and that “shining berry” in the woods will stay with me forever, a true “goosebump moment”

    Martin Hughes-Games