A gift in your Will

Blackbird Nest. Photograph by Herbert Howells

A legacy of knowledge

The BTO has been at the forefront of identifying key issues in bird conservation for over 80 years. The BTO and it's supporters set the worldwide standard for understanding the effects of environmental change on birds and other wildlife. A gift in your Will would ensure this legacy of knowledge continues to underpin conservation action for generations to come.

A future of hope

Our successes in conservation science are made possible by the generosity of people who share our passion and choose to remember the BTO in their Will.

At a time when birds face greater pressures than ever before, every gift we receive takes us closer to achieving our vision of a world where every decision affecting birds can be informed by the best scientific advice.

What your gift could do

Gifts in Wills provide vital unrestricted funds enabling us to direct income quickly to where it is needed most. Your gift could enable research on declining farmland birds, fund important monitoring work on Britain’s owls or support young birdwatchers to develop their skills and passion.

However large or small the contribution you’d like to make, you’ll be helping us shape what the future will look like for our birds.

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Work that gifts in Wills have funded

  • A nest egg for Nest Records

    One woman's legacy provided support to expand the Nest Record survey.

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  • Exploring the art and science of migration

    BTO member funded work to bring together artists and scientists to raise the profile of our migrant birds.

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  • Fellowships for young scientists to shine

    Helping young scientists to develop and enrich the work of the BTO.

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