BTO Winter Raffle

Christmas Raffle 2016 Santa Robin by Ian Wilson

Santa Robin  launched the BTO Winter Raffle 2016.

Entry to the BTO Winter Raffle has now closed and the winners have been drawn. The total raised from ticket sales and donations was £30, 963. Thanks to everyone who entered or made a donation and helped to raise vital funds to enable us to look out for birds, now and in the future. 

The winning tickets were drawn on the 7 March and winners have all been contacted. The winning numbers are:

  • 1st Prize: £1000 in cash  - Mr McDonald of Inverness (268654).
  • 2nd Prize: A selection of UK designed and manufactured nest boxes with a fully equipped moth trap, worth over £500, from The Nestbox Company - A Garden BirdWatcher in the West Midlands (178470625).
  • 3rd Prize: 5 x £100 gift cards for Ultiva® bird food from GardenBird - Mrs Scott of West Lothian (22740), Mrs Williams of Somerset (220162), Mrs Brooks of the Isle of Wight (104394), Mr Prytherch of Bristol (137151) and Mr Taylor of Berkshire (178471365).

Thank you for your support!

Full information on the prizes

First Prize: £1000 cash prize

2016 BTO Raffle 2nd Prize from The Nestbox Company

Our second prize is a marvellous selectiom of UK designed nest
boxes and a moth trap from The Nestbox Company

The first prize winner received a cheque for £1000. They were kind enough to donate £100 of this back to the BTO to support our wrok.

The second prize winner received a marvellous selection of UK designed and manufactured nest boxes with a fully equipped moth trap, worth over £500, from The Nestbox Company.

The selection included items from their Eco series of boxes manufactured from recycled plastic, as well as a mix of established and newly launched products made from wood:

The Nestbox Company is one of the largest producers of roost and nest boxes in the UK. It’s a family run business which has been producing nest boxes for wildlife professionals and the public for over 15 years in their own rural workshops, combining modern production technology with traditional hand finishing. The company aims to provide the best accommodation for wildlife by designing appropriately for their target species, replicating as far as possible the conditions which are found in natural nest and roost sites, in consultation with wildlife specialists.

We’d like to thank The Nestbox Company for generously providing such a lovely prize.

2016 Winter Raffle 3rd Prize Ultiva Good Scoop

Five people will win our third prize of £100  gift card, to be redeemed for
Ultiva® bird food via the GardenBird website

Five people each received £100 gift card, to be redeemed for Ultiva® bird food via the GardenBird website.

Ultiva® is a trusted and complete series of quality bird food mixes available only from GardenBird. Carefully formulated to provide nutritional enrichment, Ultiva® bird food features a balance of safe and effective ingredients, developed in accordance with strict BSA regulations, meaning your garden birds receive the very best food available. 

GardenBird is a supplier of quality garden bird food and supplies which was founded in 1994 in the small country town of Wem in Shropshire. Today they are one of the UK’s largest specialist suppliers of wild bird-related products by mail order. Recognising the dangerously falling populations of many of our best-loved garden birds they aim to bring us closer to nature while giving a helping hand.  What better way to help than to provide highly nutritious, quality food which encourages garden birds to come back time and again?  

We’d like to thank GardenBird for helping five lucky winners to offer Ultiva® to their garden visitors. 

Thank you for taking part and supporting the work of the BTO.


  • The closing date of the raffle was 1 March 2017 and the draw took place on 7 March 2017.
  • Players had to be aged 16 years old or over. No person under this age is allowed by law to enter the BTO Raffle.
  • Any person who enters the BTO Raffle who is under 16 years old will automatically forfeit any prize and will be excluded from future entries. If a child under 16 years old is found to have participated in a lottery after the lottery draw has taken place, then a full refund will be made to that person and any prizes that might otherwise have been due to them will not be paid out. If prizes have already been paid out, all reasonable attempts will be made to recover them.
  • Complaints will be handled in line with complaints procedure. Complaints that cannot be resolved by BTO including personal attention from the Promoter will be escalated to a third party; The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).
  • The seven winners were notified by email, telephone or letter and a list of winning numbers will be provided on our website at
  • BTO reserves the right to publish the names of winners.
  • The cost of each ticket and entry is £1.
  • There are no cash alternatives to the non-cash prizes and no interest is payable.
  • Tickets can not be sold in the street.
  • The contractual terms of the lottery and complaints procedure are available to participants on request and are also available here:  Raffle rules 2016 (DOCX, 20.43 KB)  Raffle policies.doc (DOCX, 40.06 KB)