BTO Raffle 2015

The BTO Raffle for 2015 has now been drawn, and the winners are as follows. Many thanks to all that entered this year - you helped raise over £33,000 for the BTO.

  • 1st Prize Winner of £1000 Cash Prize - Mr D J Beake, Norfolk, Ticket No. 0067228
  • 2nd Prize Winner of a set of 3 Gardenature wildlife camera systems - Robin Hamilton, Norfolk, Ticket No. 0025342
  • 3rd Prize Winners of 5 x £100 voucher for Haiths SuperClean bird feed
    • Ms J Clarke, Middlesex, Ticket No. 0457515
    • Ms J Sully, Hampshire, Ticket No. 0457053
    • Mr I Sanky, St Albans, Ticket No. 0484811
    • Mrs Gooch, Hampshire, Ticket No. 143908397 13/18
    • Mrs P Allwright, Somerset, Ticket No. 143903242 5/6


Long-tailed Tit by Edmund Fellowes

The deadline for the raffle was 7 December 2015 and the draw took place on 14 December 2015. Scroll down for further information on the prizes that were offered and for the full rules.

Full information on the prizes

First Prize: £1000 cash prize

First prize winner received a cheque for £1000 to spend how they wished.

Second Prize: A fabulous set of Gardenature Nestbox camera systems (collectively worth over £500 RRP) to get you closer to wildlife.

The lucky second prize-winner received a set of three Gardenature Camera systems to create their very own wildlife video feeds, watching live full colour images during the day and infrared black & white images at night:

  • A high resolution, colour Nest Box Camera System with sound 
  • A colour Garden Wildlife Camera 
The 2nd prize winner will receive 3 different Gardenature camera systems

Gardenature is a family run business based in Suffolk, with an international reputation for high quality bird box and wildlife cameras, which are used by many wildlife organisations as well as local authorities, schools and colleges throughout the UK. They also offer a wide range of wildlife habitats, eco-friendly garden and recycling products and garden furniture. 

Thank you Gardenature for kindly donating this fabulous prize.


Third Prize x 5 :  £100 voucher for Haith's SuperClean bird food (and bird feeders)

Haith's - Britain's Bird Food Specialist - issued each winner with a full colour bird feeding product catalogue containing their high-quality, award-winning super-clean bird foods. Five winners each received a £100 Haith's shopping voucher, which could be redeemed across the entire range of high-quality, super-clean wild bird food and premium quality bird feeders.

Haith's range includes peanuts; sunflower hearts, niger seed; wild bird food mixes; no-mess no-grow seed mixes; mealworms; suet cakes and fat balls; Droll Yankee bird feeders and a large selection of squirrel-resistant bird feeders plus bird tables and easy to assemble bird feeding stations.  


Thanks to Haith's for kindly donating this prize.

Thank you for taking part and supporting the work of the BTO.


  • The closing date of the raffle was 7 December 2015 and the draw will took place on 14 December 2015.
  • Applications had to be from players aged 16 years old or over. No person under this age was allowed by law to enter the BTO Raffle.
  • Any person who had entered BTO Raffle who was under 16 years old will have automatically forfeited any prize and would be excluded from future entries. If a child under 16 years old is found to have participated in a lottery after the lottery draw has taken place, then a full refund will be made to that person and any prizes that might otherwise have been due to them will not be paid out. If prizes have already been paid out, all reasonable attempts will be made to recover them.
  • Complaints will be handled in line with complaints procedure. Complaints that cannot be resolved by BTO including personal attention from the Promoter will be escalated to a third party; The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).
  • The seven winners were notified by email, telephone or letter and a list of winning numbers provided on our website at
  • BTO reserved the right to publish the names of winners.
  • The cost of each ticket and entry was £1.
  • There were no cash alternatives to the non-cash prizes and no interest is payable.
  • Tickets could not be sold in the street.
  • The contractual terms of the lottery and complaints procedure were made available to participants on request and are also available here:

Raffle rules.doc (DOCX, 24.33 KB)

Raffle policies.doc (DOCX, 40.06 KB)