CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife very kindly supported the BTO Raffle 2013-14 by donating the third prizes and are now supporting our work with EDF Energy by providing schools with incentive prizes for taking part in the national citizen science invertebrate project What's Under Your Feet?

CJ Wildlife is one of the UK's leading specialists and suppliers of wild bird food and wildlife care products. Based on the same farm in rural Shropshire where it all started 30 years ago, our dedicated team work alongside our own ornithologists and wildlife experts to research and develop products which can help our customers care for more wildlife in their garden. Our  mission is to make a significant, recognisable contribution to wildlife research and conservation efforts and we are proud to work with more than 20 conservation charities and wildlife organisations across Europe to support the vital work and research they carry out to protect our natural world for future generations.

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CJ Wildlife supporting The Pod’s What’s Under Your Feet? campaign

'CJ Wildlife recognises the importance of educating younger generations about the importance of caring for wildlife so they can lead the way for future conservation efforts, and so we are delighted to be working with The Pod to support the What’s Under Your Feet? campaign with BTO. We are offering a prize bundle worth £250, at the end of each data collection period,  tailored to help schools encourage more wildlife to their grounds and introduce children to the wonders of nature. We are also advocates of citizen science to help conservationists measure the current health of our wildlife. We believe that engaging children at a young age in these activities and showing them how their input can help identify and protect at-risk species for the future will inspire future wildlife champions to look after our natural world for generations to come.'