We have lost Vigilamus

04 May 2016

Our concern for Vigilamus seems to have been proved right. We haven't heard from his tag since he arrived back on the North York Moors in Arctic conditions. At the time the outside temperature reached minus 5, not good for a bird that spends most of the time in the tropics. It is a sad end for a bird that has given us so much information. We'd like to thank all of his sponsors and the staff at RAF Fylingdales who helped with his tagging.

Latest News

Victor hasn’t moved west yet - 14 Feb 2019

Victor is still settled in the gallery forest that he has been in for almost a month now. In 2017 he began his journey west on 9 March but he didn’t arrive at his current site until 14 February. It could be that we see him move west any day now.

Thomas still in Nigeria - 14 Feb 2019

Thomas is still close to the border with Cameroon and just to the east of the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. It might not be too long before we see Thomas make a concerted move west.

Selborne moves further west - 14 Feb 2019

Selborne didn’t hang around in Ghana. Having spent a week there he headed west again, 687km (426 miles) west into Guinea, overflying Ivory Coast on the way. Presumably he will stay here a little longer and prepare for his desert crossing. In 2016 he crossed the Sahara on 25 March and on 24 March in 2017.