Vigilamus crosses the Pyrenees - twice!

19 Apr 2016

During the early part of last week, Vigilamus left Spain and crossed the Pyrenees into France, eventually stopping just south of Bordeaux on 11 April. He only stayed here for just over a day, and on 13 April was 300km (189 miles) southeast of Bordaeux and back on the northern edge of the Pyrenees. He crossed into Spain once again during the late evening of the same day and settled briefly on the southern edge of the Mountains just south of Andorra. He is currently still south of the mountains close the large lake called Embalse del Grado. The weather in southwest France last week was appalling, so presumably he headed back to where he knew he could find food.

Latest News

Robinson has moved west - 20 Feb 2019

Robinson has been on the northeastern edge of the Ivindo National Park for almost six weeks. However, he has now moved 165km (102 miles) north and west, and is currently in fairly dense rainforest close to the border with Equatorial Guinea.

Bowie heads north - 20 Feb 2019

Bowie has been close to the Niara river for a month but by breakfast on 19 February he had moved 340km (212 miles) north and west. He is still in Gabon and is on the north western edge of the Waka National Park.

Raymond moves east - 18 Feb 2019

Having spent over two months on the northern edge of the Teke Plateau, Raymond has moved 245km (152 miles) east towards the Congo River. He is currently between the Congo and Sangha rivers, in dense rainforest. The battery charge on his tag is now much better, so we should hear from him much more frequently.