Victor's journey from 10 June 2016 to 24 April 2017

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Victor in Ghana - 11 Apr 2017
Victor has continued heading west and has left Nigeria. He has travelled 495km (307 miles) to reach a location in Ghana, just west of the Digya National Park. 
Victor in Nigeria - 04 Apr 2017
From his last location in Cameroon, Victor has travelled around 995 km (620 miles) to reach a new location in southwest of Nigeria. He is now just north of Lagos, Nigeria's largest City. 
Victor back in Cameroon - 20 Mar 2017
Victor has begun to head west, flying 318km (198 miles) in the last two days. He is currently in central Cameroon on the banks of the Sanaga River.
Victor heading east - 07 Mar 2017
Having travelled north through Gabon and into Cameroon, Victor has turned east and is currently in Central African Republic. He is the most easterly tagged Cuckoo except for David, whose last tag transmissions were sent from his wintering location in Democratic Republic of Congo. There is 2,619km (1,627 miles) between Victor and our most westerly Cuckoo, Selborne. At some stage in the next week or so we would expect Victor to begin heading west.
Victor makes a large movement north - 05 Jan 2017

Over the course of a few days Victor has headed north, covering a total distance of 950km (590 miles), and arriving in northern Gabon by 3 January. Could this be the start of his return home?

It's more than likely that this is the first northward 'phase' of his annual journey but doesn't necessarily mean he'll continue. He will probably now stay in that region for a couple of weeks before moving north of the forest zone and then moving into West Africa. As he was one of the birds that went so far south this year, he may simply have started early to return to the area that would be a typical mid-winter location for our cuckoos most years.