Victor's journey from 01 May 2017 to 11 January 2018

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Victor heads south - 30 Nov 2017
Since 27 November Victor has journeyed 265km (170 miles) south within Gabon by the early hours of the 29 November.  He is now just south-east of Bongoville. 
Victor moves into Gabon - 10 Oct 2017
From northern Gabon, Victor has moved to eastern Gabon, travelling 270km (170 miles). He is now close to Mbay and the Mwagne National Park. Last year at this time he was in Cameroon where he remained until 26 October. He then went on to Angola, where we saw him spend last winter. 
Victor in Congo Rainforest - 29 Aug 2017
By the late afternoon of 26 August Victor had traveled 360km (225 miles) to southern Nigeria. He continued moving eastwards through until the early evening when his tag transmitted from the Lower Niger Forest, close to the River Niger. The next transmission two days later was from the Cameroon/Gabon border, from within the Congo Rainforest Basin, some 740km (460 miles) to the south east. Victor had made it to the rainforest!  
Victor moves to National Park - 24 Aug 2017
Victor is still in Nigeria but has moved 170km (100 miles) south west to the Old Oyo National Park.
Victor in Nigeria - 15 Aug 2017
By the 11 August Victor had moved 345km (214 miles) southeast to northern Ghana before continuing on a further 630km (390 miles) east to Nigeria over the next couple of days. The last signals show him to the south east of the Kainji Lake, a reservoir on the Niger River, formed by the Kainji Dam.