Victor's journey from 10 June 2016 to 25 May 2017

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Victor still on the Norfolk/Suffolk border - 23 May 2017
Victor is still ranging quite widely around King's Forest in Suffolk but also occasionally visiting Thetford Forest over the border in Norfolk. Like PJ he has also been in the vicinity of the BTO's Nunnery Lakes. The most recent locations received around lunch on 23 May showed that he was to the east of Thetford on the edge of heathland close to Roudham.
Victor returns - 09 May 2017
By 3 May, Victor was in northern France, close to Rouen. Just a couple of days later and a further 350 km (220 miles) and he was back in the UK, at his breeding grounds on the Norfolk/Suffolk border by 5 May. He is the fourth of our tagged Cuckoos to arrive this spring. 
Victor continues north - 02 May 2017
Victor has flown a further 290km (180 miles) north within France and is now in the La Brenne Regional Nature Park, east of Poitiers. The park covers 166,000 hectares and is dotted with over 2,000 lakes and ponds. Hopefully this is a good area for him to feed and rest in but we might expect him to continue his journey any time soon. 
Victor in France! - 26 Apr 2017
Victor had been in Ghana since 11 April but transmissions on the 22nd April showed that he was in the Atlas Mountains in northern Algeria. He had completed his desert crossing having travelled over 3113 km (1935 miles).  We received a further series of signals throughout the evening which showed he didn't stop but continued onwards. We were able to follow him mid-way over his crossing of the Channel before the tag turned off. When the tag next sent signals it was around 48 hours later and Victor was a further 1000km north of his previous location in Algeria and was just 50km south west of Marmande in France! He is the fourth of our tagged Cuckoos to cross the desert and is curently further north than Larry, who crossed the desert a few days earlier. 
Victor in Ghana - 11 Apr 2017
Victor has continued heading west and has left Nigeria. He has travelled 495km (307 miles) to reach a location in Ghana, just west of the Digya National Park.