Thomas's journey from 03 June 2018 to 11 April 2019

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Thomas has crossed the desert - 15 Apr 2019
A series of poor locations received from his tag during the morning of 15 April show that he is in northern Morocco around 40km (25 miles) from the Strait of Gibraltar. We will have to wait for good quality locations for this to update on his map.
Thomas is on his way - 11 Apr 2019
A series of locations received from Thomas' tag during the morning of 11 April show that he is around three-quarters of the way across the Sahara and in central Algeria. This will update on his map automatically overnight. So far he has travelled 2,232km (1,387 miles) from his last location in Ivory Coast - he has another 800km (500 miles) to go before he reaches the northern edge of the desert.
Thomas heads West - 29 Mar 2019
A data transmission from Thomas' tag on Wednesday morning showed that he has flown 530 miles (852 Km) West from his last location in south west Nigeria to his new location in Ivory Coast. He is now in the east of Ivory Coast, 110 miles (177 Km) north east of the capital Yamoussoukro. He is just 5 miles (8 Km) east of Sherwood Cuckoo Robinson and 30 miles (48 Km) north west of Sussex Cuckoo Knepp.
Thomas has moved west - 18 Mar 2019
Thomas is still in Nigeria but has moved 373km (231 miles) to the west. He is in an area of forest to the south of the town of Osu.
Thomas leaves the Wildlife Sanctuary - 04 Mar 2019

Having spent the whole of February in the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, on the 1 March Thomas moved 65km (41 miles) north and west leaving it behind him. He is currently in farmland to the north of Adipke, Nigeria.