Sussex moves east - 05 Aug 2013

From north of Lake Chad, Sussex moved 165km (100 miles) east and then 105km (65 miles) south-east by the 4 August,  in the direction of Waller and Chris’s locations. There are currently five Cuckoos in Chad; BB, Waller, Livingstone, Chris and Sussex. 

Sussex arrives in Africa! - 02 Aug 2013

Signals on 27 July show that Sussex was still in Corsica but by the 30 July he was on his way. Poor locations early that morning show Sussex over the sea, between Sardinia and Sicily, heading south. By mid-morning of the 1 August, transmissions revealed that he had indeed been in active migration and had completed the 3300km (2000 miles) journey to a location in Chad! He joins Chris and BB there. The last good signal located him 75km (45 miles) north-west of Lake Chad. Tor is also close by, in Nigeria. 

Sussex follows Tour De France - 04 Jul 2013

Locations on 27 June placed Sussex in Sardinia but by late afternoon on the 29 June he was in the north of Corsica. One keen Cuckoo tracking observer noted that it was possible Sussex and the Tour de France cyclists were travelling in the same direction at the same time - what a good view he will have had if he travelled in a straight line along the eastern side!  

Sussex in Sardinia - 28 Jun 2013

Positions received at lunch time on 27 June show that Sussex is now in Sardinia, a few km north-east of Tonara. Due to the absence of good quality signals since his last position in France, we are unable to tell whether Sussex made land in Italy, or whether that poor quality signal was a mirror signal and his route took him straight to Sardinia, from where he is now transmitting. 

Sussex heads to Italy - 26 Jun 2013

Sussex has indeed continued rapidly south moving on from his position in the Hautes-Alpes - as poor quality signals indicated - and  heading towards the coast. From here he flew across the sea to the coast of Italy! This location won’t show on the map until better quality transmissions are received. This journey has been around 430 km (265 miles) and he is now close to Follonica, in the Province of Grosseto, (185 km ) 115 miles north-west of Rome.  Since his first transmission outside of the UK, the journey through France and over to the west coast of Italy has taken a week. 

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