Selborne's Blog Archive

Selborne has moved back east - 19 Oct 2018
Having spent a couple of weeks in Ghana, Selborne moved east on 7 October, flying back across Togo and Benin. During the next two days he moved south and east within Nigeria and is currently on the coast of the Bight of Bonny in the south-eastern corner of the country, to the north of James Town. Since leaving Ghana he has flown just over 1,200km (just under 700 miles).
Selborne has headed back west - 27 Sep 2018
During the last few days Selborne has moved back west and into Ghana, overflying Togo on the way. He has flown 207km (128 miles) during this movement and is currently just north of the town of Kukpoku.
Selborne has moved east - 17 Sep 2018
During the weekned Selborne set off east, moving through Ghana and Togo and onwards into Benin. During this time he has flown 487km (303 miles). He is currently in the Parc National de la Pandjari in northwestern Benin.
Selborne still in Burkina Faso - 23 Aug 2018
Selborne has been at his stopover site in Burkina Faso for a month now. In 2016 he moved east from here on 26 August and on 20 August in 2017. so, we expect him to move east any day now.
Selborne moves east - 23 Jul 2018
In 2017 Selborne moved east from his post-desert crossing stopover site on 23 July, this year he made the same move on 22 July. He is now 570km (354 miles) east of his last location and has crossed the border into Burkina Faso.