Selborne's journey from 10 June 2016 to 24 May 2017

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Selborne still in the New Forest - 23 May 2017
Since arriving back in the New Forest Selborne has explored it pretty thoroughly. The most recent locations recieved from his tag show that he is now spending most of his time in an area northeast of Brockenhurst and to the northwest of Furzey Lodge. He has also visited heath to the southwest of Beaulieu Road Station.
Selborne is back - 18 Apr 2017
During the early evening of Easter Sunday, Selborne arrived back in the New Forest. Since his arrival he has mostly been in the area of forest just to the north and west of Beaulieu, between Pig Bush and Beaulieu Road Station.
Selborne is the first to return to the UK! - 13 Apr 2017
A series of poor locations show that Selborne has made it back to the UK and become the first of our tagged Cuckoos to arrive back! We await good signals to confirm his location, and when these are received the map will update to show this. When his tag powered back on during the early eve of 11 April he was still in Brittany but it was only a couple of hours before he then started heading north over Normandy and the English Channel to reach the Isle of Wight in the early hours of the morning. He has only a short distance to go before he is back on his breeding grounds in the New Forest. Perhaps he will make this short trip over the Easter holidays?
Selborne almost home - 11 Apr 2017
Locations received from Selborne's tag on 9 April showed that he had crossed the Pyrenees and was heading north. During the late evening his tag powered down to enable the solar panel on the tag to recharge the battery that powers it. At this stage Selborne was in Brittany and only 320km (199 miles) from his New Forest home. It is likely that Selborne continued north through the night and when we next hear from him he could be back in the UK.
Selborne in northern Spain - 28 Mar 2017

From Algeria, Selborne has flown a further 1000km (660 miles) to arrive in northern Spain in the late morning of 27 March. He is in the southern Pyrenees and the closest large town is Jaca (NW of his latest location). He has been moving around in local forest so looks to be foraging to fuel up for the last leg of his return journey. How soon he returns will depend on his ability to find food and be able to rest.