Selborne's journey from 10 June 2016 to 20 March 2017

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Selborne moves north - 07 Mar 2017
Selborne has moved north and east, leaving Guinea and crossing into Ivory Coast.He is currently in an area of forest just south west of Bako.
Selborne heads for southern forest - 07 Feb 2017
Having gone so far north and west, past the rains, it's reassuring to see that Selborne has headed south a little to the Guinean forests, where conditions are likely to be better than his previous location 115km (70 miles north). 
Selborne in West Africa - 03 Feb 2017

We have our first Cuckoo in West Africa and it's Selborne! Having left land and set off across the Gulf of Guinea, it looks like Selborne travelled around 240km (150 miles) to the volcanic island of Bioko. Here he seems to have rested for the day on 28 January in the Luba Crater Scientific Reserve which is a protected area with dense rainforest. 

When he left he headed off on a different tangent to that he had been taking, travelling 1185km (735 miles) straight towards Ghana, arriving there sometime before 10am on 30 January. By 10pm on 1 Feb he was already a further 800km (500 miles) north-west and was in southern Guinea. His tag location shows him to be in the densely forested mountainous plateau of the Guinea Highlands.

This is the earliest we have seen one of our tagged Cuckoos this far west - they don't normally get here until late March or April. His oversea passage might be related to this (i.e. not going around the Gulf of Guinea but over it) - he really seems to have been making a beeline for a specific destination a long way west, unlike our other cuckoos which head west into West Africa much slower, stopping at suitable locations along the way. It's a bit worrying as he has overshot the rains by some margin, so we have to hope he finds suitable locations.
Selborne heads north - 24 Jan 2017
As of 23 January, Selborne's tag transmitted from Equatorial Guinea, showing he had left Gabon and was on his way north. He had covered around 535km (325 miles). However, further signals indicate he hasn't stopped there, but instead set out across the Gulf of Guinea and continued onwards across the sea, in the direction of Nigeria. This sea crossing is quite unusual! 
161321 leaves area of National Park - 07 Dec 2016
Signals receied today show that 161321 has just left the area of the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park and headed 100km (60 miles) north within Gabon. He has been in Gabon for almost two months now and was joined by Peckham several weeks ago.