Selborne's journey from 01 May 2017 to 22 February 2018

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Selborne in Guinea - 15 Feb 2018
Selborne has only travelled a short distance since the last blog but, by flying 75km (50 miles) north-east, he is now over the country border and into Guinea. He's already covered an incredible journey of approximately 5760km (3,500 miles) from his wintering location in Angola. Go Selborne! 
Selborne in West Africa - 08 Feb 2018

Signals received yesterday show that Selborne had indeed been busy winging his way to West Africa - all the way to the Ivory Coast!

He covered around 2115km (1315 miles) between 29 January (his last signal in Gabon) and 7 February. He is very close to the border with Guinea and is in the Guinea Highlands area, a densely forested mountainous plateau extending from central Guinea through northern Sierra Leone and Liberia to western Ivory Coast. He is currently just east of the area in Guinea in which he spent a few days in last year before then venturing further to the forests in the south of Guinea. 

Last year he embarked on his desert crossing towards the end of March, having spent time in and around the border of Guinea and Ivory Coast, feeding up and gaining reserves for the mammoth task ahead of him. He is the first of our tagged Cuckoos to move into West Africa this year and may be the first to embark on his desert crossing - though it doesn't always work out this way. We'll have to wait and see!  

Cuckoos on the move north - 02 Feb 2018

Two more Cuckoos have begun their journeys northwards from their wintering locations. From Angola, Larry has flown 675km (420 miles) north east to Central Congo.He is now to the north-east of Okoyo. This is similar to what he has done in the previous two years, before moving into Cameroon and then on to west Africa. In the first year he then made his desert crossing from Nigeria, but in the second year that we tracked him he went much further west - crossing the desert from Guinea! What will he do this year?

Selborne has also headed north and is now in northern Gabon, close to the coast, and the Reserva Natural del Estuario del Muniborder, a Wetland of International Importance. He is just south of the border with Equatorial Guinea, and has travelled 350km (218 miles) from his previous location.

Small movement from Selborne - 03 Jan 2018
Selborne has made a small movement north within Gabon of about 95km (60 miles) to an area he visited last year, just south of Waka National Park. Last year he moved north again towards the end of January and was in Ghana by January 31 so it might not be too long before we see some big northward movements from him and our other Cuckoos, into west Africa. 
Selborne is the most southerly Cuckoo - 19 Oct 2017
From Nigeria, Selborne has headed 1450km (900 miles)  to Gabon, across the Gulf of Guinea - possibly stopping for a brief time on the island of Bioko- and then over Equatorial Guinea. Signals received yesterday show he was in the south of Gabon, close to the Monts Birougou National Park. This new location makes him the most southerly of all the tagged Cuckoos currently.