Selborne's journey from 25 May 2018 to 24 November 2018

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Selborne still close to Ogooue River - 11 Dec 2018
Selborne has been in his current location for around a month and doesn't seem to be moving far. He is moving around an area no more than a kilometer square. 
Selborne not hanging around - 14 Nov 2018
Since leaving Benin Selborne hasn't hung around. After a short stopover in Northern Gabon, close to the border with Equatorial Guinea, he has moved further south and east into Gabon. He is in an area of rainforest to the east of the Ogooue River, south of the town of Ndjole.
Selborne is in Gabon - 07 Nov 2018
Having reported on 19 October that Selborne was in southwest Nigeria, he popped-up the vey next day in Equatorial Guinea, almost 400km (250 miles) to the southeast. During the last week of October he moved south and crossed the border with Gabon and has since moved further south and east. He is currently in eastern central Gabon in an area of fairly dense rainforest.
Selborne has moved back east - 19 Oct 2018
Having spent a couple of weeks in Ghana, Selborne moved east on 7 October, flying back across Togo and Benin. During the next two days he moved south and east within Nigeria and is currently on the coast of the Bight of Bonny in the south-eastern corner of the country, to the north of James Town. Since leaving Ghana he has flown just over 1,200km (just under 700 miles).
Selborne has headed back west - 27 Sep 2018
During the last few days Selborne has moved back west and into Ghana, overflying Togo on the way. He has flown 207km (128 miles) during this movement and is currently just north of the town of Kukpoku.