Selborne's journey from 25 May 2018 to 15 August 2018

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Selborne moves east - 23 Jul 2018
In 2017 Selborne moved east from his post-desert crossing stopover site on 23 July, this year he made the same move on 22 July. He is now 570km (354 miles) east of his last location and has crossed the border into Burkina Faso.
Selborne has crossed the desert - 17 Jul 2018
Selborne left Spain on 11 July this year, heading almost due south into Morocco before drifting east into Algeria and then heading  west and on to southeastern Mali. He his in the same location, north of the capital, Bamoko, that he used as his post-desert stopover site in 2016. He moved west from this location on 23 July in 2016 but had arrived there six days earlier than this year. It will be interesting to see how long he remains here this year.
Selborne in Spain - 02 Jul 2018
Selborne is currently our most southerly Cuckoo. He only stayed four days in western France before he was off again, flying around the western end of the Pyrenees and into Spain. He is 495km (308 miles) southwest of the mountains and in a straight line, 1,200km (746 miles) from the New Forest, Hampshire. Selborne is following the route he has taken in the last two years and is currently just to the south of Salamanca. In 2016 he left Spain on 9 July but lingered until 23 July in 2017, his next stop is on the southern edge of the Sahara in Mali. It will be interesting to see when he leaves this year. 
Selborne on the west coast of France - 26 Jun 2018
Selborne didn't stay very long in northern France. He is currently on the west coast, to the east of Rochefort.
Selborne heading south again - 22 Jun 2018
Having successfully completed a full migration to and from Africa Selborne is on his way again. He is currently in the area he used as a stopover last year and close to Chateaubriant.