Robinson's journey from 24 May 2018 to 12 December 2018

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Robinson still settled - 11 Dec 2018
Locations received from Robinson's tag during the last few days show that he is still settled in the area of dense rainforest that he has been in for over a month. This may well prove to be his winter location. Robinson is one of four tagged Cuckoos currently in Gabon and, he is only 9km (6 miles) from Victor. Both are forest Cuckoos here in the UK, Victor was tagged in Thetford Forest and Robinson in Sherwood Forest.
Robinson settled in Gabon - 19 Nov 2018
Since arriving in Gabon in early November, Robinson hasn't moved very much. His biggest movement during the last few weeks has been around 2km (1.23 miles) within the rainforest.
Robinson in Gabon - 07 Nov 2018
Robinson has left Nigeria and is now in Gabon, in an area that quite a few of our tagged Cuckoos have used this autumn. His latest location is 1,614km (1,003 miles) from his last stopover site in Nigeria.
Robinson moves further west - 23 Aug 2018
During the last few days Robinson has moved further west and is now in the Lame Burra Game Reserve in central northern Nigeria. This westerly movement may well be the first in preparation for his move south into the Congo Basin, and one that will give him better feeding opportunities. He is currently on the northern edge of a band of fairly heavy rain.
Robinson swaps countries - 02 Aug 2018
Having spent seven days just to the north of Lake Chad, Robinson is now to the south of it. He has moved south and west and into Nigeria. It is currently raining where he is.