Peckham's journey from 24 May 2017 to 17 September 2017

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Peckham leaves the UK - 15 Aug 2017
Peckham has left the UK and headed 290km (180 miles) to Belgium. This is his second attempt to leave, the first of which was thwarted by heavy rain. In previous years his first transmission outside of the UK have come from Switzerland and The Netherlands. He is currently moving around the area between Lummen and Diest. Having spent longer than usual in the UK we may see him move on quite speedily.
Peckham stopping over in East Anglia - 26 Jul 2017
Peckham appears to be undertaking a stopover in East Anglia rather than NW Europe as in previous years after his attempt to leave the UK was aborted due to the bad weather in early July. In previous years he has left the UK on 1 July and 27 June (2015 and 2016 respectively). 
Peckham is on his way - 13 Jul 2017
Peckham's last location close to Nottingham was on 7 July, however, when we next heard from him on 9 July he had moved 149km (93 miles) in a south easterly direction and was close to Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire. Two days later Peckham's tag began transmitting again and he was on the east coast in Suffolk, close to Ipswich. The weather at the time was appalling with almost constant heavy rain. It might have been that Peckham was going to attempt to cross the North Sea but instead, probably as a consequence of the rain, he began moving up the Suffolk coast and by the early evening had settled close to the Norfolk border near Ringsfield. It would seem that the rain thwarted his exit from the UK and we will have to wait until we hear from him again to see if he has been able to continue on his journey south.
Peckham getting ready to leave? - 30 Jun 2017
Peckham has left his breeding grounds and as of the evening of 28 June was just south of Nottingham. Might he be the next to leave?  
Peckham in the Yorkshire Dales - 05 Jun 2017
Peckham is back in the Yorkshire Dales just to the west of Sedburgh, in the area that he was tagged in May 2015. He is currently spending most of his time close to Lily Mere.