Peckham's journey from 02 May 2016 to 23 April 2017

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Peckham moving west - 18 Apr 2017
During the last few days Peckham has been heading west. Around lunchtime on 16 April his tag gave a series of locations from Ghana. He is currently in an area of fairly open forest midway between Chiranda and Saronoase in western Ghana. 
Peckham crosses into Nigeria - 04 Apr 2017
Peckham has left Cameroon and crossed the border into Nigeria, travelling 390km (240 miles) west to a location just south of the city of Abakaliki. 
Peckham moves north - 14 Mar 2017
Since arriving in Cameroon, Peckham has moved a further 273km (169 miles) north and is now in northern Cameroon. He is currently in fairly dense forest just north of Oue.
Peckham heading north and west - 06 Mar 2017
Peckham is currently in fairly dense forest in southern Cameroon. It might not be too long before he makes his move west into West Africa and begins the long journey back to the UK.
Peckham in Congo - 24 Jan 2017
In the last few days Peckham has journeyed a short distance of 90km (just over 50 miles) north east and is now in the Republic of Congo. He is one of several Cuckoos to begin heading north.