Livingstone journeys on

20 Mar 2015

We suspected Livingstone might rest up near Lake Volta to recover from his  journey but instead he continued 790km (490 miles) west fairly quickly to make it to Ivory Coast by 17 March.  Since the 12 March he has flown over 2500km (1,600 miles) over 8 days.  He is now the second most westerly Cuckoo, taking into account Hennah who is not shown on the map. 

Latest News

Victor has left - 20 Jun 2018
Victor is in France, having arrived late evening on 17 June. He is using the same area of woodland close to Chateauroux, that Lambert used on his way south.
Trailblazing Thomas - 20 Jun 2018
For a short while it seemed that Thomas might be overtaken by Lambert but this wasn't to be, Thomas is still currently our most southerly Cuckoo, having moved 222km (138 miles) further south. He is on the Mediterranean coast close to Narbonne.
Sylvester moves to the Fens - 20 Jun 2018
Sylvester was tagged in Thetford Forest on 3 June. A few days later he left the forest and has spent most of his time since then in the Fens between Littleport, Feltwell and Southery.