Larry's journey from 01 May 2017 to 15 January 2018

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Larry in Angola - 14 Nov 2017

Larry has continued south from Chad, where he's been since the beginning of September. By the 9 November he had covered 1175km (730 miles) to reach the Cuvette-Ouest region of Congo, not too far south-east from Victor in Gabon. He didn't stop here for long though and by the early afternoon of 11 November he was 760km (470 miles) further south in northern Angola.

Larry’s southward migration from the UK to Angola has been remarkable. Weather conditions during the stopover period in Italy were harsh, incredibly hot and dry conditions were experienced across the whole of the northern Mediterranean area with wildfires being a feature from Spain to Croatia. Presumably in response to these conditions, and the probable lack of invertebrate food, Larry moved north to Poland, undertaking a journey of around 1300km (800 miles), at a time when we would have expected him to head south across the Sahara. Larry spent several weeks in Poland, and it would seem a wise move, from here he was able to undertake his migration to sub-Saharan Africa via the Balkans, a part of the world we hadn’t seen him move through before. Even though his migration this autumn was unusual, he is right back at his wintering location in Angola.

In the previous two years we've been following him he has also ventured to Angola, but normally to a location in the north-east, where he has remained for a while before then heading west towards the coast. He appears to have gone directly to this area now and is north of Tomboco. It's likely that, as in previous years, he will remain here until at least mid-December or possibly even mid-January, depending on conditions. 

Larry remains in Chad - 11 Oct 2017
Larry has remained in Chad since he arrived there at the end of August, moving only a short distance further south at the beginning of September. 
Larry completes desert crossing - 29 Aug 2017
Signals on the the 23 August showed Larry in Egypt but it wasn't until the 27 that we received a poor signal, this time from central Chad revealing that Larry had probably completed his desert crossing. However we were further reassured when a series of signals were received on the 30 August to show that he had continued 210km (130 miles) south west within Chad revealing all was well after his long journey.
Larry in Egypt - 24 Aug 2017
Signals received early on the morning of 23 August show that Larry is now crossing the desert! His location was western Egypt, close to the border with Libya, and was 2080km (1300 miles) south east of his last position in Montenegro. His location in Egypt is very far east compared to many of the routes taken by our Cuckoos since the project began with only Lloyd (in 2012) and Viator (in 2015) having ventured this far east. Lloyd went on to winter in the heart of the Congo rainforest while Viator perished a little further south, in Sudan, and did not complete his desert crossing. We wondered at the time whether this was possibly due to the wet summer which may have impacted on his migration preparation. We hope that the next signals we receive from Larry's tag show that he has successfully completed his desert crossing! 
Larry in Montenegro - 22 Aug 2017
On 16 August Larry was still transmitting from Poland but by the morning of the 18 August he was 700km (430 miles) to the south in eastern Croatia. A good signal on the afternoon of 20 put him further south still, this time in Montenegro, 265km (165 miles) on from this location in Croatia.  He is just north of the Biogradska Gora National Park, a mountainous region with many lakes.