Larry's journey from 23 May 2017 to 22 September 2017

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Larry completes desert crossing - 29 Aug 2017
Signals on the the 23 August showed Larry in Egypt but it wasn't until the 27 that we received a poor signal, this time from central Chad revealing that Larry had probably completed his desert crossing. However we were further reassured when a series of signals were received on the 30 August to show that he had continued 210km (130 miles) south west within Chad revealing all was well after his long journey.
Larry in Egypt - 24 Aug 2017
Signals received early on the morning of 23 August show that Larry is now crossing the desert! His location was western Egypt, close to the border with Libya, and was 2080km (1300 miles) south east of his last position in Montenegro. His location in Egypt is very far east compared to many of the routes taken by our Cuckoos since the project began with only Lloyd (in 2012) and Viator (in 2015) having ventured this far east. Lloyd went on to winter in the heart of the Congo rainforest while Viator perished a little further south, in Sudan, and did not complete his desert crossing. We wondered at the time whether this was possibly due to the wet summer which may have impacted on his migration preparation. We hope that the next signals we receive from Larry's tag show that he has successfully completed his desert crossing! 
Larry in Montenegro - 22 Aug 2017
On 16 August Larry was still transmitting from Poland but by the morning of the 18 August he was 700km (430 miles) to the south in eastern Croatia. A good signal on the afternoon of 20 put him further south still, this time in Montenegro, 265km (165 miles) on from this location in Croatia.  He is just north of the Biogradska Gora National Park, a mountainous region with many lakes.  
Larry really is in Poland! - 01 Aug 2017

We've seen several of our birds back track to previous stopover sites when conditions haven't been perfect for onward travel, but Larry has undertaken a journey from Italy northwards to Poland, a country in which he hasn't transmitted from since we've been tracking him. In fact none of our Cuckoos, since the project began in 2011, have ever sent signals from Poland.  This is much further northeast within Europe than normal and almost puts him on the same latitude as Peckham who is still in the UK!

We think this is in response to the very hot conditions in the Mediterranean region and is an escape flight rather than a return to last stopover site. We're surprised to have seen him travel so far north. Tracking these Cuckoos still continues to throw new light upon their migration! 

Where is Larry? - 26 Jul 2017
The area of southern Italy, from where Larry has been transmitting recently, has been exceptionally dry this year - more so even than normally. He's used this site, which is much further south than other cuckoo stopovers, in the previous two autumns and we were surprised when he first stopped off here. The most recent signals we received show a poor quality location in Poland, but we aren't yet sure whether this is a true movement, and a reflection on these dry conditions. We await more information that will allow us to confirm his location.