Lambert's journey from 21 May 2018 to 20 February 2019

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Lambert still in coastal Angola - 14 Feb 2019

Lambert seems settled in Angola, for now, but it might not be too long before he begins the long journey back. Currently our most southerly Cuckoo, Lambert is just under 3,500km (just over 2,000 miles) behind Selborne who is leading the pack and is in Guinea, West Africa.

Lambert has moved - 07 Feb 2019

Lambert has moved 134km (83 miles) to the north and west and is currently just to the south of the coastal town of Soyo, Angola. He is in an area of forest that another of our tagged Cuckoos, Bowie, used a month ago.

Lambert clocks in - 01 Feb 2019
During the evening of 29 January we received two locations that show Lambert hasn't moved but is alive and well.
No news from Lambert - 29 Jan 2019
We haven't heard anything from Lambert's tag since the beginning of January. However, at that time the temperature readings show that he was alive although the battery charge on the tag was low. We have our fingers crossed that when Lambert leaves the rainforest his tag will begin charging and we will receive more locations.
Lambert seems settled - 03 Jan 2019
Lambert seems settled in the area of forest close to Quimal, Angola, although he has moved a short distance north and east in the last few days.