Lambert's journey from 24 May 2018 to 09 December 2018

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Lambert moves south again - 10 Dec 2018
Lambert has moves south from the very northeast corner of Angola and is now in an area of forest 130km (81 miles) southeast of Santo Antonio do Zaire.
Lambert heads south - 19 Nov 2018
Lambert has left Congo and is now in Angola. His movement a couple of days ago saw him fly 715km (444 miles) south and west. He is currently right in the northwest corner of the country and close to the coastal town of Santo Antonio do Zaire.
Lambert has moved south - 07 Nov 2018
Having spent around a week in northeast Congo Lambert moved south and east, flying 400km (250 miles) to eastern, central Congo and close to the northern edge of the Teke Plateau. He is currently in an area of dense rainforest.
Lambert hasn't hung around - 19 Oct 2018
Since beginning his journey east, Lambert hasn't hung around. Having arrived in southwest Nigeria on 27 September he only stayed for three days. From here he moved to Cameroon for a five day stopover and then on to Congo. During this time he has flown over 1,300km (800 miles), through Nigeria, Cameroon and Central African Republic to get to Congo. He is currently in an area of very dense rainforest in the northwest corner of the country.
Big movement from Lambert - 27 Sep 2018
Having been one of our most westerly Cuckoos since his arrival in West Africa at the beginning of August, Lambert is now one of our most easterly. From his location in Guinea, only nine days ago, he has travelled 1,987km (1,234 miles) east, passing through Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin and into Nigeria. He is to the north of the River Niger and to the southwest of Duma.