Knepp's journey from 21 May 2018 to 17 April 2019

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Knepp has made it - 15 Apr 2019
A few days ago we wondered if Knepp might be preparing for his desert crossing and we now know that this was the case. late at night on 14 April Knepp popped up on the northern edge of the Atlas mountains in eastern Morocco. The area he is in is still part of the northern Sahara but he has found the oasis settlement of Ain Bni Mathar. He is around 115km (70 miles) from the Mediterranean coast.
Knepp on the move - 11 Apr 2019
Knepp has moved 321km (199 miles) north and west within Ivory Coast. We will have to wait until we hear from him again to see if this is the start of his push across the desert. He is currently in an area of farmland in the northwest of the country and just south of Tiorotierivogo.
Knepp heads back east - 04 Apr 2019
During the last week Knepp has headed back east and is now close to the River Comoe in eastern Ivory Coast. He is 281km (175 miles) east of his last location in Ivory Coast. We are seeing a few of our tagged Cuckoos making interesting movements at the moment. Presumably this is in response to the intensity and location of the rains that are currently moving around the region.
Knepp has moved further west - 18 Mar 2019
After spending a few days close to the border with Ghana, Knepp has moved 215km (134 miles) further west. He is now to the west of the Ivory Coast capital, Yamoussoukro in an area of small fields and plantations.
Knepp is in West Africa - 11 Mar 2019

The poor location we received from Knepp’s tag on 4 March suggested that he was on the move, and now we know he really was. We received another poor location on 6 March which put him in central southern Nigeria but it wasn’t until 11pm on 8 March, when we received a couple of good quality locations from his tag, that we knew where he was.  Knepp is in Ivory Coast, 2,353km (1,462 miles) from his stopover site in Gabon.