170434 is named Kidman - 13 Jul 2017
Kidman has been named by BBC Wildlife in honour of Rosamund Kidman Cox, the first and most long-standing Editor of the magazine.
170434 heads further south - 07 Jul 2017
After spending a few days close to Paris, Cuckoo 170434 headed south, arriving in southeast France on 26 June and stopping for four days close to Lyon before heading east into Italy. He is currently in an area of woodland just north of Malpensa airport on the northern edge of the Po valley.
170434 near Paris - 27 Jun 2017
By the afternoon of the 23 June, Cuckoo 170434 had arrived at a location roughly 50km (30 miles) from the centre of Paris, having traveled around 340km (210 miles) from the New Forest.

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