Kasper may still pop up

30 Apr 2012

No further data have been received from Kasper's tag, however we have not given up hope. The last, partial, signal we received from him (11th April) showed a low charge on his tag. It is possible that, like Lyster before him, he is spending some time in Algeria foraging for food before attempting the Mediterranean crossing. His solar-powered tag would therefore not charge up if he is in the undergrowth. We hope that once he has moved on, and his tag has had a chance to charge, we will see Kasper pop up soon.

Latest News

A glimpse of PJ - 09 May 2018

Our very own Paul Stancliffe, Media Manager, got a great view of PJ this morning! He's not far from our Headquarters and Paul had been out to see if could locate him in preparation for some press coverage on the project. He said: 'I found him. It was the only Cuckoo I heard and saw and he flew straight towards me, before spotting me and turning away, showing his antenna as he did!'

Silence from Peckham - 09 May 2018

Peckham remains in Africa and, worryingly, we've not had any signals from him since he first moved from Gabon to the forest of Cameroon on 8 April. We appear to have lost contact due to low battery charge. According to the limited sensor data we have for his tag in the period preceding that, there was no reason to be concerned about his welfare at that time. Last year, he left West Africa really late (later than now!) so it's possible he's lurking there now having moved on from Cameroon. It's also possible that his tag's battery is damaged and we won't hear from it again, or even that he has since dead. We will have to wait to see if further signals are received.

Larry returns - 09 May 2018
From west of Barcelona on the 30 April, Larry has flown 1390km (865 miles) to return to the Forest of Bowland, in north-east Lancashire by the early hours of 8 May.  He is now back in the area in which he was tagged and will be looking for female Cuckoos to breed with.