Kasper may still pop up

30 Apr 2012

No further data have been received from Kasper's tag, however we have not given up hope. The last, partial, signal we received from him (11th April) showed a low charge on his tag. It is possible that, like Lyster before him, he is spending some time in Algeria foraging for food before attempting the Mediterranean crossing. His solar-powered tag would therefore not charge up if he is in the undergrowth. We hope that once he has moved on, and his tag has had a chance to charge, we will see Kasper pop up soon.

Latest News

Carlton II heading east - 18 Oct 2018
During the last week or so Carlton II has begun to move east, first to just over the border and into Niger and then a little further into Niger. He is currently in the Dagida Game Reserve, 30km (19 miles) from the border with Benin.
Cameron is off the radar - 18 Oct 2018
We haven't heard from Cameron for the last 15 days but his last two signals on the 3 October show that he was still alive at that time. We are always concerned when we don't hear from our Cuckoos but we have learned that we do 'lose' some of them for varying periods of time, often because they have moved under the canopy of the forest. Fingers crossed this is the case with Cameron and we hear from him soon.
Bowie settled in Gabon - 18 Oct 2018
Bowie is settled in Gabon for the time being and we are receiving locations from his tag; we last heard from him during the early evening on 16 October. He is frequenting an area of dense rainforest in eastern central Gabon.