Indy continues south - 10 Sep 2012

From his position just inside the Nigerian Border, Indy had moved 204km (127 miles) SE into the Yobe state by the evening of 9 September.  His current location is 35km (22 miles) east of Potiskum, in what appears to be an area of what is known as tiger bush, where scrubby woodland is interspersed with bands of un-vegetated rock . As expected, he is moving slowly into areas of higher annual rainfall, following the band of rains that is moving south as autumn progresses. 

Update on Welsh birds - 06 Sep 2012

Locations received from Lloyd’s tag on 31 Aug still place him in west Italy. There has been no further information on Iolo but both Indy and Davids’ tags have transmitted in the last few days. David is still in Chad whilst Indy remains in northern Nigeria.  

Indy moves into Nigeria - 03 Sep 2012

Indy has continued to move SE through the Sahel into areas with higher annual rainfall. On the evening of 31 August, he was still at hid location NE of Zinder in Niger but by early this morning (3 August) he had moved 128km (78 miles) SE. He is now 20km (12 miles) inside Nigeria and is 43km (27 miles) WNW of Nguru. Immediately to his south are Nguru Hadejia wetlands, a Ramsar Site which is very important for migratory waterbirds. 

Indy moves south - 28 Aug 2012

Indy has moved south within Niger since the 24 August.  He travelled around 180 km (113 miles) and on the morning of the 27 August  was 70km (43miles) north-east of Zinder, the second largest city in Niger.

Indy almost across... - 22 Aug 2012

Indy has made good progress with his desert crossing. We have received several locations for his tag today that place him in southern Niger, close to the northern border of Zinder region, about 260km (162 miles) N of the border with. He doesn’t appear to be actively migrating during the day today - his location is still at least 200km (125 miles) further north than we would expect him to stay for any length of time, based on what we have seen from the Cuckoos last year and so far this year, so hopefully he will continue migrating tonight. 

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