Indy runs out of luck - 18 Oct 2012

There have been no further tranmissions from Indy since 21 September. Looking back at the temperature data of his final transmissions it indicates his body heat had dropped right down and we are now assuming that he has died in Cameroon. Mike McCarthy of The Independent talks about Indy's incredible journey in his latest article. 

David still in DCR - 16 Oct 2012

Over the weekend we received transmissions from David's tag who is still settled in Democratic Republic of Congo. There has been nothing further from Indy since 21 September.

David and Indy settled - 28 Sep 2012

David transmitted yesterday and remains in the south of Sudan close to the border whilst Indy’s last transmission on the 21 September indicated he was still in the north of Cameroon. 

Indy heads east towards Chad - 17 Sep 2012

Indy was still in the same area of tiger bush on 14 September. By the afternoon of Sunday 16 September, however, he had moved 180km (112 miles) E to a position 24km (15 miles) east of Damboa in Borno region. At dusk that evening, however, he moved on again and by the time the last two locations were received around midnight, he was another 50km (31 miles) to the east. These placed him 35km (22 miles) WNW of Gwoza and about 45km (28 miles) from the border with Cameroon. Indy appears to be heading for southern Chad, where several of the tracked Cuckoos have been recently and where several of last year’s birds passed through before heading south to the Congo basin.

All quiet on the Cuckoo front - 14 Sep 2012

There have been no movements of note from our Cuckoos in the last few days. Transmissions have been received from Indy and Chance today and Lloyd, David, Wallace, Roy, BB and Chris in the last few days. Hopefully there will be more to report after the weekend! 

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