Chester remains in Nigeria - 14 Apr 2015

We hadn't heard from Chester for several weeks but the latest signal received shows he is still in the same area of southern Nigeria and has yet to move further west. 

Chester on the move again - 25 Mar 2015

A signal received on 24 March showed that Chester was still in Nigeria but has left the Cross River area. He has moved 245km (152 miles) south and west and is now on the edge of the Niger Delta.

Chester moves north - 23 Mar 2015

Chester has left his location in Gabon and travelled 745km (460 miles) north-west to  Nigeria, where he appears to be on the outskirts of the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Cross River area.  

Chester and Dudley still within rainforest - 27 Feb 2015

Chester and Dudley are the only two Cuckoos, from who we are receiving regular transmissions, who are currently within the Congo rainforest. We expect them to move north to the forest edge shortly as other Cuckoos have done.

Chester still in Gabon - 19 Dec 2014

Since arriving in Gabon Chester has settled in an area of rainforest in the north west of the country, close to the border with Equatorial Guinea. His last location signal was at 06.30 on 19 December.

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