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Bowie is on his way - 25 Feb 2019

During the last couple of days Bowie has undertaken a huge journey. On the evening of 23 February his tag began sending locations from Ghana, 1,400km (900 miles) from his stopover site in Gabon. He is currently between Lake Volta and the border with Togo. The fact that he didn’t do a stopover on the northern edge of the rainforest leads us to believe that he might have undertaken a sea crossing over the Gulf of Guinea. However, it is impossible to tell for sure as we received no locations from the tag over the sea.

Bowie heads north - 20 Feb 2019

Bowie has been close to the Niara river for a month but by breakfast on 19 February he had moved 340km (212 miles) north and west. He is still in Gabon and is on the north western edge of the Waka National Park.

Bowie still in Congo - 14 Feb 2019

Bowie is still to the south of the Niari River in southwest Congo. The last location we received from his tag was just before 9pm on 12 February and it showed a movement to the north of the patch of forest he has been settled in. This may well be the start of the second leg of his journey back and it will be interesting to see where he is when we next hear from his tag.

Bowie not moving much - 07 Feb 2019
Since arriving in southwest Congo, Bowie has settled in an area to the south of the Niari River and to the east of the town of Makabara. We are receiving lots of locations from his tag that show he is moving around an area of dense forest and areas of more open forest. We last heard from him at 9.00am on February 6.
Bowie on the move - 18 Jan 2019
During the last week locations received from Bowie's tag show that he has left Angola and headed north. He is now in southwest Congo, 2813km (176 miles) north of his mid-winter location. Bowie is on his way back.