Bowie is on his way

25 Feb 2019

During the last couple of days Bowie has undertaken a huge journey. On the evening of 23 February his tag began sending locations from Ghana, 1,400km (900 miles) from his stopover site in Gabon. He is currently between Lake Volta and the border with Togo. The fact that he didn’t do a stopover on the northern edge of the rainforest leads us to believe that he might have undertaken a sea crossing over the Gulf of Guinea. However, it is impossible to tell for sure as we received no locations from the tag over the sea.

Latest News

Thomas has crossed the Strait of Gibraltar - 23 Apr 2019
Thomas has pushed north and made it into Spain. He is currently to the southwest of Gibraltar and the south of Algeciras, and only 2km (1.5 miles) from the coast.  
Robinson is on his way back - 23 Apr 2019
Over the Easter weekend Robinson crossed the Mediterranean, seemingly just to the west of Sardinia, involving a 780km (485 miles) sea crossing. He is currently in Ardeche north of the town of Labatie d'Andaure. As the Cuckoo flies he is around 1,000km (619 miles) from his Sherwood Forest breeding site.
PJ isn't hanging around - 23 Apr 2019
When his tag powered up on 18 April he was to the west of Madrid, central Spain. However, when his tag came on again around breakfast on 23 April he had left Spain and was in western France close to the town of La Roche-sur-Yon. This will automatically update on his map overnight. He is now only 658km (409 miles) from his Thetford Forest breeding site.