PJ's journey from 07 June 2016 to 23 March 2017

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PJ settled in Ivory Coast - 06 Mar 2017
Locations received from PJ's tag on 5 March show that he is still in the area of Ivory Coast that he arrived in on 22 February. He is moving around small patches of forest just to the west of Lac de Kossou.
PJ's mammoth journey - 22 Feb 2017
Having been in Cameroon until the late afternoon of 17 February, PJ has since travelled 2020km (1255 miles) and, as of the early hours of the morning of the 22 February, was in Ivory Coast. This large movement has taken just four and a half days! PJ is the second Cuckoo who has made a rapid westerly movement, also moving much further west than we normally see at this time of year. 
PJ in Cameroon - 25 Jan 2017
PJ has travelled 400km (250 miles) and is now in Cameroon. He is currently north of Boumba Bek National Park and is the most northerly Cuckoo.
PJ continues on north - 17 Jan 2017
PJ has moved north and is currently in the central Congo rainforest close to Tsongo-Pa. He has been there since 8 January but we have received no further signals since then. This is likely because he is beneath the rainforest canopy and the solar panel on his tag is unable to charge the tag batteries very well.
PJ heads north - 06 Dec 2016
At  the beginning of December PJ made a relatively large movement northwards, travelling 280km (175 miles). He is now in the same area of Angola as four of the other Cuckoos, with just 215km (135 miles) separating the most northerly from the most southerly within Angola. Larry and Bill, who are closest to each other, are separated by only a few miles.