PJ's journey from 23 May 2018 to 15 August 2018

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PJ Checks-in - 02 Aug 2018
PJ's tag has come on early, probably due to it getting lots of sun during the desert crossing. A series of locations received from his tag during the evening of 1 August show that he continued his flight across the desert and made it to the Sahel. He is currently in Mali on the banks of the Niger River. It looks like the easterly winds did drift him a little west.
PJ is crossing the desert - 01 Aug 2018
Around mid-afternoon on 31 August PJ's tag showed that he was crossing the desert and was about a third of the way across. We will have to wait until 3 August to see if he makes it. The winds in this part of the desert are currently from the southeast but much lighter than they have been. If he maintains his course he will arrive on the southern edge of the desert in Niger or Nigeria. The winds in the southern part of the desert are quite strong from the east right now and it might be that he gets drifted a little way to the west during the latter part of the crossing.
PJ on the move - 13 Jul 2018
Having spent the last 6 days on the southern edge of the Pyrenees, PJ has moved. He is now 195km (121 miles) southwest of his previous location, and is to the west of Zaragoza. Might this be the start of his big push south?
PJ heading south - 09 Jul 2018
PJ is in Spain - just. Around breakfast on 7 July locations from his tag showed he was in the Spanish Pyrenees, just to the north of Benasque. On his two previous migrations he launched his desert crossing from his stopover site in France, so it is interesting to see him crossing into Spain. It will also be interesting to see what he does next.
PJ has moved - 03 Jul 2018

It seems that the area of farmland that PJ was using might not be giving him what he needs and he has moved back north 56km (35 miles) to the Orient Forest Regional Natural Park just to the east of Troyes.

The children of The Green Zone Bird Club at Sandown School in Kent have been following PJ’s progress closely. One of the children at the school, Che, won a Cuckoo sponsorship in the school fair and decided to share it with his fellow pupils. ‘Where in the world is PJ?’ has been a regular activity where the children learn about geography and migration. One member of the Group, Callum (age 6), has taught everyone how to zoom in and out on PJ’s position on the satellite tracking map – well done, Callum!  

They have all been drawing amazing pictures of PJ to welcome him back to the UK (featured). We have really enjoyed looking at their brilliant drawings in the office and reading the Green Zone Bird Club’s newsletters. Well done to all the children in the Club and to their Outdoor Learning and Forest School Leader, Anne Collins, for all of her hard work and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work children and we hope you continue following PJ's journey as he migrates back to Africa.

PJ by Emily, age 6
PJ by Liam, age 6