PJ's journey from 01 May 2017 to 18 February 2018

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PJ moves onto Cameroon - 24 Jan 2018
New signals on the afternoon of 22 January show that PJ was continuing northwards and had made it 800km (just under 500 miles) north from Gabon to reach Cameroon. He is just north of the Mbam et Djerem National Park. 
PJ moving north - 03 Jan 2018
PJ is already on the move northwards. From Angola on the 22 January, he travelled 755km (470 miles) in a north-easterly direction to get back to Gabon by the evening of 26 December. In 2016/17 his behaviour was similar, heading north from Angola to the centre of the Republic of Congo in the second week of January and moving on again north by the end of January. It's the beginning of his long journey home.
PJ in Angola - 22 Nov 2017
As expected PJ has continued southwards. By 12 November he was just east of the Crystal Mountains in southern Congo and by 16 Nov he was in the Zaire region in northern Angola. Signals on 19 Nov revealed a further southerly movement of 160km (almost 100 miles) to the Coutada do Ambriz reserve. In total he has moved over 890km (590 miles) from his location on 14 November. He may still go a little further within Angola, as last year saw him venture to the Parc Nacional da Quicama, 170km (110 miles) further south. 
PJ moves south - 14 Nov 2017
PJ has moved 290km (180 miles) south within Congo in the last week and is now in the Lekoumou region, 40 miles south of Bateke Plateau National Park. Last year he was in Angola by the 25 October and remained there until January so we expect him to continue moving south to reach the same area. 
PJ in the Congo - 19 Oct 2017
PJ has headed south and is now in the lowland forests of the Congo Basin, within Congo. He has covered around 590km (366 miles) from his previous location in the Central African Republic.