PJ's journey from 07 June 2016 to 25 May 2017

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PJ still close to his tagging site - 23 May 2017
Since arriving back in the King's Forest on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, PJ has ranged quite widely in the area and has visited the BTO's Nunnery Lakes on a few occasions. For the last few days he has been frequenting the area just north of the Elveden Memorial.
PJ returns to UK - 02 May 2017
PJ has returned back to his breeding area, transmitting from Suffolk on 29 April.  He covered the 495 km (305 miles) from his previous location in France during the late evening of 27 into 28 April. Since he arrived he has been moving around the Thetford and Mildenhall area, close to Kings Forest where he was tagged. He is the second of our tagged Cuckoos to make it back this year.
PJ in northern France - 26 Apr 2017
PJ has flown from southern Spain to northern France, covering 1,300km (805 miles). Signals received on 21 April showed PJ crossing the Bay of Biscay and by the afternoon of 22 April he was 35km (20 miles) west of Le Mans.
PJ in Spain - 13 Apr 2017
Not to be outdone, PJ has also continued onwards, and from the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco he has traveled 650km (400 miles) to Spain. Poor quality locations indicate that he is currently south west of Seville. Once we receive further good quality locations his position will update on the map. Having just crossed the desert, PJ isn’t likely to move too far at the moment but you never know! Will he be the next Cuckoo back? 
PJ has crossed the Sahara - 11 Apr 2017
Locations received from PJ's tag during the early morning on 10 April showed that he was on the southern edge of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and that he had successfully completed his desert crossing. He is currently close to the village of Ait Aamamou.