PJ's journey from 23 May 2017 to 19 September 2017

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PJ moves north - 05 Sep 2017
PJ has moved 155km (95 miles) north from Nigeria into Niger, back to the area he was in around the middle of July. 
PJ in Nigeria - 10 Aug 2017
PJ has travelled  250km (160 miles) from Niger and is now in northern Nigeria. 
No movement from PJ - 26 Jul 2017
PJ hasn't moved far but he seems to have found a river delta, where presumably there is water and vegetation at this time of year.
PJ crossing the Sahara - 17 Jul 2017
At 19:23 on Friday 14 July we received a location from PJ's tag that showed he was close to the coast of southern France to the west of Toulon. At 20:45 he was 46km (28 miles) to the south of here and over the sea. The last location we received before his tag powered down was at 01:41 on 15 July and he was about half-way through his crossing of the Mediterranean. We next heard from him at 16.14 on 16 July when he was in the middle of the Sahara in southern Algeria. He didn't stop here, and by 08:53 on 17 July he was in Niger and around 500km (350 miles) short of successfully completing his desert crossing. Between Friday evening and early on Monday morning, he travelled 2,900km (1,800 miles) at an average speed of 47kph (30mph). Fingers crossed, when we next hear from his tag he will have completed his desert crossing.
PJ on the move - 13 Jul 2017
PJ has moved south within France and is now now on the border with France and Switzerland, north-west of Geneva and south of Lake Geneva itself. He is currently moving around an area of woodland to the south of Loisin. He is 65km (40 miles) northwest of where the French, Swiss and Italian borders meet in the Alps.