Latest Research

Willow Warbler

Does the early bird catch the caterpillar?

Recently published research led by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) sheds new light on the impact that climate change has had on common and widespread songbirds across the UK.

Common Pipistrelle by Amy Lewis

Scanning for Scottish bats

With the need to better understand the distribution of rare and vulnerable bats to help minimise risk posed by wind farms, this study used the power of citizen science to rewrite the bat distribution maps in southern Scotland.
Red Grouse - Sarah Kelman

Climate change will change bird communities

With climate change a continuing pressure on birds, this new study discovered the effects it may have on existing and future populations.
Avocet - Amy Lewis

Wavering Waterbirds

Protected sites are assigned based on population statistics for vulnerable and endangered species. This new study using WeBS data shows that changes in population size can affect local abundance, and thus influence whether or not key targets are met for site protection.
Wind Farm - Dawn Balmer

Wind farms and biodiversity: a collision course?

The development of green energy is more important than ever. One of the most well-developed and cheaply available options is wind power, but there is evidence that wind farms can also have a negative impact on biodiversity.